Courage For Color! Thus Shining Tones Influence Our Mood In Everyday Life

Do you more like the dark and gray clothes in your wardrobe on murky rainy days? This is how most people go. You should do exactly the opposite and provide with Powerfarben for good mood.Read here what color influence us.

Whether a tube jeans, a blazer or an Oversize-Pulli in red – this cheery signal color guaranteed to our state of mind guaranteed. Ideal on bad weather. But above all, it gives power: whoever wants to propose a new concept to his boss, has taken over the management of a small team or simply has to do a lot, is right with red. Red promotes its own ability to assert itself and mobilizes our forces.

The color yellow should stand for intelligence and strategy decisions. At work, for example, a yellow blazer might leave a positive impression on your counterpart. We can support the sunny tone to find solutions for problems and situations where we feel blocked to get back into the river.

Blue is the most popular color. No wonder, after all, our beloved jeans are also blue. At least most. But also a blue top has its effect: in disputes, a blue top or shirt soothes both ourselves and the opposite. If you like to wear blue-and-white striped shirts, it is supposed to emphasize its elegant elegance and a factual attitude. Fresh turquoise, on the other hand, encourages courage and self-awareness.

Resistant, peaceful and natural – these are the impressions that Green is supposed to convey. A rich green, for example in the form of a blouse or a dress, can also relieve subconscious nervousness and over-excitement. Ideally, if you have difficult discussions.

Black can be avant-garde, mysterious, but also classic and noble. In the job, for example, a black blazer exudes competence, at a party the little black is perceived as sexy and stylish at the same time. Black is always going. Beauty Tip: In order not to look pale in black, you should absolutely make-up. Concentrated eyes or a red kiss mouth make the dark black look more lively.

A fresh white enchants you with an impression of honesty and decency. Whether a white blouse, a white jeans or just a white T-shirt – white acts pure and promotes the concentration. In particularly difficult situations this can be an advantage. Styling tip: White always combine with a different color. Black, gray, blue and green tones, but also brown and beige fit perfectly.

In which color do you feel most comfortable? Write me here.
Your Yvonne

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