Comparison of LED Bulbs

Our views on the current situation of LED bulbs:

Many of the pipes that are currently sold on the market are manufactured with type SMD 3528LED. This LED, as you can see in the table attached below, does not in itself same no heat dissipation area, which makes its emission of heat have to dissipate quickly through the back with a thermal Putty and in contact with the aluminum. In addition, if it gets a high number of LEDs in a confined space, the problem increases, therefore we do not recommend powers higher than 15W with this LED bulbs of 120 cm, since heat is not dissipated sufficiently, especially if they are on for a very long time and, in addition, have the driver (constant current power supply) inside because that entails a number of faults in the driver and an important light loss in the short term. We estimate that you for a 20W LED bulb with use of more than 15 hours a day, in an area without air conditioning and with closed luminaire, the loss in just one year could reach 20%.

That is why our 3528 SMD LED bulbs, possess only 2 years warranty and only we recommend them for use of less than 10 hours per day or sensorized sites, where shut down and turned on continuously, makes that the internal temperature is not high.

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On the contrary, we own 2835 SMD LED bulbs, which provide with 3 years warranty and recommend to use even up to 24 hours a day, since quoted LED thermal characteristics has higher and very difficult to overcome lateral distribution.

Currently, our bulb LED of high range has a new type of LED, called High Lumen, which offers a luminous efficiency that reaches 140 Lm/W, entirely made of plastic and illumination angle of 180 ° and 330 °, with a series of 3 years warranty and expandable up to 5 years. Thanks to these revolutionaries LED, gets a saving in extra power consumption of 30% compared to standard LED bulbs, thus reducing to a minimum the repayment terms.

In the following table, there are the advantages of the new type of LED 2835 and similar, which have a thermal dissipation comparable to the SMD 5630 and SMD 5252 of Samsung.

Comparative table – types of LED bulbs LED (click to enlarge)

In these photos, lower metal parts possessing the SMD 3014 and the 2835, 5630 and 5252, but not so the SMD 3528 and the SMD 5050 are appreciated.