Comparative Prices Orange Smartphones with Vodafone Along with Their Financing Conditions and Penalties

Yesterday I have been progressing the new conditions of the renewed model of subsidies to existing customers Vodafone which has today entered into force together with the possibility of Finance devices no interest to facilitate the payment and the penalties It shall apply from now on if you don’t finish your stay.

The new model of Vodafone focuses on current clients (all those lines with more than one year old) to which offers three possibilities so they choose which best fits your needs: Sizes for less with the 15% discount on monthly fee, or Renew with points If you don’t want to tie you to a rate, or Renew with advantages that is where we will focus today to analyze if truly they will make a greater effort to retain customers.

Comparative prices between Orange and Vodafone smartphones

Since Movistar and Vodafone will no longer add lines in portability by eliminating the traditional method of subsidies, they say now that its best effort will do so to better retain your current customers with attractive offers imposed above what other operators offer to new customers. Will they get it? A comparison of prices for stay at Vodafone or switch to Orange will help you to find out.

Prices that compared with that offered Vodafone until yesterday for portability to new customers are slightly higher but if compared to the previous points program, the existing customers will be winners the new branch system with advantages that for similar prices, before was necessary to have more than 2,000 points.

If you have any problems viewing the prices, you can also consult them from here.

Conditions for financing devices with Vodafone

To facilitate the payment of a daily more complete and more expensive devices, Vodafone bets on two pillars: the Re-estrena plan of recycling of mobiles used and the new possibility of interest-free financing (while you are a customer of Vodafone) which will have the following conditions:

  • Available to new customers through new high or portability (except for those who benefit from 15% discount to hire sizes for less or SIM only) and for existing customers either if they renew with points or benefits. For private and autonomous users of contract in any case.
  • Financing with monthly fees from € 10 (plus VAT) and time to choose from 12, 18 or 24 months although it will be necessary makes a minimum first payment of 15 euros with a credit or debit card.
  • Funded terminals, devices and tablets that is part of the Vodafone offer with a minimum amount financed of 135 euros and maximum of 2,000 euros.

Penalties for cancel contract with Vodafone

Since last February, all stay with Vodafone contracts are 24 months and break this contract to change your operator or take down the line, will result in a penalty which diminished as he nears the end of the period of stay:

  • Permanence in Vodafone: maximum penalty of 400 euros in high-end smartphones (iPhone, HTC One, HTC Sensation, LG Optimus 2 X, LG 3D, Nokia Lumia 800, Xperia Arc S, Xperia Play, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S +, Blackberry Bold and Torch), 200 euros in mid-range smartphones (Galaxy Ace, Xperia Neo Xperia Ray, V, Defy, Lumia 710 +, Wildfire S or Blackberry Curve) and 100 euros in other devices including low-end smartphones (HTC Explorer, LG Optimus L3, Mini Galaxy, Galaxy and Vodafone 858 or Blackberry 8520), mobile multimedia (as Motorolo Gleam +, Samsung star II, Onyx, Nokia 7230 or Asha 300) and mobile singles (Alcatel Gloss, Nokia 2720 or Samsung 3050).
  • Stay in Tarifa: Penalty maximum 200 euros on iPhone, 150 euros on smartphones of high-end, 100 in mid-range and 50 euros in other devices.

The penalty for staying on rate shall apply on condition that is of low a line ahead of time or if you change to a lower monthly rate.

You can also have stay with Vodafone for other reasons that it is not a subsidized device among which we can find:

  • Penalty for 15% discount available in sizes for less will be 90 euros to apportion in 12 months. This penalty does not apply if it is replaced by a permanence by grant from the mobile from the sixth month.
  • Penalty for interest-free financing apply a single charge of 65 euros if you change your operator or das low line before finished pay funding deadlines (thing which will have to continue to pay).