Common Mistakes in Fitness

Most people’s fitness to get a better condition to get a toned body and can sit in their own skin. But for many people they may not achieve these goals. The stomach continues they will not fall out or end up with a hefty damage. All the things we don’t want. The error here is often the root of that can easily be prevented. What are these errors, and how it should be?

No heating

A good warm-up is necessary because blood circulation throughout the body will then turn the power on. Otherwise it is very likely that you will end today or tomorrow with an injury. 5 or 10 minutes on a bike or elliptical machine is good for heating.

The use of too much weight or resistance

The exercises should be performed slowly and under control. When you have too much resistance or too much weight, this is not possible. The effect of the training will be lost. You can get a mild burning sensation in your muscles, but control of the exercise, you will never be lost. Take a little bit of weight, exercise and perform well controlled and stretches the muscles properly. To get a better result with less weight.

Perform exercises too quickly

As soon as the overweight is not good. It’s about monitoring during training. If you move too fast, the exercise has no effect. Do each exercise slowly and under control. Then you can get good results.

Isolated exercises

Exercises to work out a specific muscle group, does not work. Sit-ups, you will get some six pack.These exercises stimulate your muscles and muscle fibers is not enough to develop your muscles. Also, do not take your calorie consumption is superior and therefore do not contribute to weight loss.
If you want to get more muscle and burn fat, you should do exercises that use muscle as many Nations as much energy at once. This shoot up your results.

Repeat the same workout routine

If you’re always repeating the same exercises in the same way, you will not progress further. If you want your body to change, it is important that you exercise regularly changed. Your body can adapt quickly to this. When the level is always just put a step up, you will see significant progress.

Train too long per session

A long training provides no better or faster results. The quality of the exercises is more important than quantity. A training session can last up to an hour. You train optimally for training is short and sweet. This gives the best results. When you are training for a long time, you break down muscle mass and it’s the opposite of what you want.

Gym with machines

Pretty training tool looks interesting and seems to have great potential. But machines to change your natural way of moving and limit the range of motion. This severely restricts the ability to activate all of your muscles. This means that you develop smaller muscles and burn less fat. In addition, working with cardio machines creates undue stress on the joints. This eventually leads to nasty injuries.
Therefore, using weights or elastic straps so you can use your body completely and naturally.

Just do cardio exercise

If you just do cardio, you can not expect to get a toned body. For this, you really should also do strength training. It is the combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise that makes your metabolism work harder.
Interval cardio workouts are the very best. These should consist of brief but intensive exercises. To ensure that your anaerobic metabolism extra is put into operation. This means that you will burn lots of fat, but at the same time keep your muscles.

Continue Stretching

By stretching your muscles, tendons and joints supple and blood circulation in the muscles will improve. Because of these wastes are removed more quickly. It makes for a faster recovery of the training and prevents injuries.

Insufficient drinking

During training you loose moisture quickly a liter. If you fail to complete it, your performance will suffer and you may feel dizzy or nauseous.
When you take into account the above common mistakes, you can avoid many problems. So, you get much better results from your training and your workout enjoyable and fun!