Combinations Of A Culotte

On photos of bloggers on the Internet and also with isolated, courageous persons on the street it is already seen: the new pants form, the Culotte. What is striking is that the new, trendy pants all reach the waist. Pants, which have the new cut, but only go to the hip, thus appear obsolete. But how do you combine these pants? Above all, what shoes do you wear?

Typical for Culottes are the A-shaped, flared pants leg and an emphasized tight waist. Usually, they are knee-to-ankle, but they are also available in floor-length variants. Just as they are available in almost all lengths, they are available in all shapes, widths, colors and all knitting, leather and fabric styles. Culottes look fresh, are very diverse, comfortable and give the silhouette an elegant touch. What is also exciting to note is that even more burshic women can conjure up more femininity into their outfit. And they do not even have to give up the comforts of a pair of pants.

General Combinations Of A Culotte

When combining the culotte, the wearer has no limits. Whether it is a leather jacket, a simple top, a fine blouse or a voluminous knit sweater, everything can be combined. Depending on the type of figure, however, care should be taken to move towards the ideal of the X-figure. If you have slightly wider shoulders, it is not very advantageous with a blazer to emphasize this in addition. But if they turn out to be more graceful, this is not a problem at all, but even desirable.

Two Tips For Combining A Culotte

The further the culotte becomes down, the narrower the top should be cut. It is also important to emphasize the waist. This can be achieved either by using an upper part which is very close to the waist, or by inserting the upper part into the culotte, which is very tight at the waist.
An exception here are large, slender women, who can also wear wide colottes with wide tops without waist accents.

The longer the colotte is and the shorter the legs, the more compelling are shoes with high heel to compensate for the proportions. High shoes stretch the leg optically and provide even more femininity, which in any case can do harm. However, more powerful women should always wear culottes with a little heel to achieve a stretching and diminishing effect. The best way is to look at the website of Jaimie Jacobs. There you can design your own Highheel, which is guaranteed to fit the already purchased Culotte.