Colors and Races: Two Days in The ‘Backstage’ of The Fashion Week Madrid

Meryl Streep says that he never allowed cameras or curious to their trials, only shows the final interpretation, when the character is created and managed, because the rest would be as teach the pipes of a building, “not interesting to anyone”.

We understand the ego of Meryl, but when a show is, few things they are so tempting as a backstage, especially so they have exclusive, secret and revealing. In Jezebel man We have managed to slip us in the pipes of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2012 Thanks to the kindness of the designer John Duyos, that accompany during two days of decisions, nerves, races, colors and applause.

John smiles with the calm that characterizes him, surrounded by cameras, photographers, relatives and celebrities, satisfied by the work accomplished and relieved, finally free of the anxiety that has accompanied him for several days, while the guests at the kissing room they discuss the collection and traffic gossip. In brief, chroniclers of fashion from around the country will qualify in their media Duyos proposal for next autumn/winter as the most interesting thing of the day. 24 hours earlier, however, was another mood.

In fact, most of the firms work is already made days before putting in scene, but during the short period of time we now face any unexpected, error of calculation or wrong decision It could ruin 6 months of work and of course years of branding. Juan will draw from that arrives Tuesday to Ifema for the fitting until the end of the parade in their entregadisimo team, but it is also aware that his every word will be fundamental.

The arrival of the models to test the designs are produced with dropper. Those in the sector are already accustomed to, but for someone newly landed in the backstage It continues to surprise its thinness, to the extent that it is hard to believe that some have passed the test of the body mass index. They have a better face than last year, when for reasons of calendar they arrived exhausted New York, says the team of Duyos, led by Vanesa Madrazo, the design Assistant.

Throughout the day of fitting focuses on the models, so special, strange and evaluable: anyone in the room will feel at some point in the right to speak openly about your height, skin, factions, hair, chest… Many are amazing, but some seem bland to the stand. The feeling fades when they removed their leggings, enfundan in extraordinary Duyos fabrics, heel shoes shoes and begin walking: appears then the model, with a series of virtues, not so easy to explain that you have led them to shine in this unique profession. See them It is mesmerizing, to see how to go to the call of the flash of cameras like sunflowers to the Sun were.

John designs also acquire another status. On some models they look beautiful, and on other become extraordinary. The tone of skin, hair, bone structure… will be to determine who will take what, who will be responsible for carrying life each one of the pieces of Memorabilia, an elegant collection between the Decade of the 20 and today.

It will also take note of what add-ins are deleted, which jewels are added, what shoes accompany better, arrays must ask the dressmaker… Curious and amusing to detect the amount of decisions that are improvised and spontaneous by designers and whose results we then interpret journalists in depth and heady way, turning them into important creative elements.

The day of the parade happens in a blink and it is an electrifying intensity. The role for the lovely day White Zurita, Press of Duyos and one of the most important Spanish fashion public relations officer, is essential in a universe in which matter so much media coverage and which must be kept satisfied to a jungle of extravagant characters and with excessive egos. With diplomacy and originality, white will take care of that John serves Spanish and international media, arriving camera and Notepad in hand to learn in advance sources of inspiration, tissues, tones and anecdotes; meet the sitting and cover the front row.

3, 2, 1, lights out, music within It is exciting. The models are already in position, recently passed by hairdressing and make-up (the L’ Oréal room seems one of the most entertaining spaces Fashion Week), aligned according to the planned chronology and with a concern that already should be considered natural and everyday by not falling hilltops on the catwalk. From the backstage pageant looks from screens located on the sides, but everything vibrates in a different way, more intense, less fanciful, raw and bright.

During the following hours will continue to applause, questions, assessments and above all the euphoria of the work. In the outside universe the small room in which the entire process has been developed for two days, other designers are now yours; new models arrive in Madrid to comply with their professional agendas; media, sponsors and showrooms in the most attractive way possible manage their stands at Ifema; curious and lovers of fashion walk through the facilities… and, away more zoom, away from this world as particular and intense, the streets there are thousands of people completely unconcerned by the pillars of inspiration for John Duyos and company. Strange.