Colorful Chinos-Spring Is Here!

At last, temperatures are rising and the sun is becoming more and more frequent. There are  colorful chinos perfect to welcome the spring. They come in bright, bright colors and just make a good mood. So get out of the dull dark jeans and into the colorful chinos!

Colorful Chinos

They are cut from the cut exactly like the normal chino, so above a little further and downwards narrowed. Stylistically, it is recommended to combine rather simple, subtle colors with the colorful pants. With a white or beige shirt, bright sneakers and a cool cloth, the outfit is perfect. But this is a pure taste question.One thing is for sure, the colorful Chino is an all-round talent for the spring-whether for a walk in the park, for the office or long partying, so man is always stylish and trendy.

Classic Chino

And if you prefer something simpler, choose classic chino in set colors like beige or other bright brown tones. With the classic Chino, all doors are open to a styling. Whether with  colorful sneakers, unusual shirts or other colorful  accessories-the classic Chino can be combined in a variety of ways, depending on your mood. This way, every man can discover and implement his own style.

Drop Crotch

The latest chino trend is Drop Crotch and is a must have for this spring and summer season. Behind it lie, in the crotch, deep-fitting trousers, which are narrow to the ankle. First time a habit, but if you dare, you will soon realize how cool and casual this cut works.Combine this new trend with everything that goes well with the classic chinos-shirt or shirt, leather jacket and sneakers. If you like something more chic, you can also wear finer leather shoes, a tie and a vest. Allowed is what pleases! So men, let’s go-move in the Chinos!