Color of the Candles Must Be Chosen According Questions

Want to know your future prospects for the next few days, weeks or months? Foretell you differently, in this period is useful as candles. What secrets will reveal thawed wax?

Predictions of wax candles is not new and has great popularity especially in Latin America or in Spain and Portugal. The winter atmosphere of coming Christmas candles handy. Use them do anything but to decorate and scent the home. Use the wax and allow him to provide answers to questions that you just suffer.

How to do it?

Predictions of wax requires no complicated preparation. All you need is a candle, matches, a candlestick and either smooth, non-flammable surface or bowl of water.

Divination to really succeed, you must let the candle burn for a while, enough to melt the wax. Place it in a candlestick prefer to have hot wax burned hands and destroy clothes. Once the wax enough, you can proceed to divination. When you wax, pour it – either on a prepared surface, which will then create a two-dimensional pattern, or in cold water, the wax hardens in three-dimensional form.

Before decorating wax spilled out, clear your mind of everything – joys and sorrows. Think only of what you’re interested in what you know. Intently. If you will head to chase different ideas, it may happen that you get an answer to something completely different than you asked.

When they wax created a symbol, let yourself be guided by intuition when reading. Yes, there are instructions on how to interpret the symbol. The symbolism, however, is highly individual matter, and for someone who is happy for each other may indicate a loss and sadness. Leave a symbol to affect me. Usually it is true that thought that comes to mind first – at that moment the symbol look fresh eyes, mind you nepředhazuje no fixed ideas.

Choose the correct color candle

Some argue that the color of wax, from which Vestia does not matter. It’s not true. Choose the right color candles, depending on what sphere of life comes your question.

White candle choose if you’re interested in the true answer, you reveal some secrets lie. White is the color of purity and sincerity and will help you and unmask any pretense.

Red candle use, if you care about matters of the heart, about love and relationships, marriage, also about sex, about passion. It is also the color of conflicts and fights, use it thus questions from this area.

The blue candle is best if you are interested in something spiritual dimension, also for issues concerning health and disease. It can also answer questions about fear and apprehension, dial it, therefore, even if that something you generally worried.

If you want to ask something about money and possessions, choose the best candle green. Generally her asking questions about the abundance and security, finance, but maybe a bit surprisingly regarding fertility.

Yellow candle matches the best in the event that you are interested in change and transformation also to her contact in case of questions regarding any communication or misunderstanding. Responses and in working, yellow is the color of commerce and business.

If you are dealing with matters concerning a friendship or even a general life satisfaction and happiness, reach for the candle orange. She also best responds to questions about motivation and personal goals or self development.

Purple candle denounce many of the human psyche, its health, balance and thoughts.

Pink candle very unsurprisingly questions about falling in love, affection and romantic, often platonic love, not yet “spoiled” no physicality.

Do not be in divination affect the general principles follow intuition and heart. Have you divination with the help of wax tried?