Color Makeup

In addition to the shadows, one tip is to bet on the eyeliners who won colorful versions

Women who love makeup are always in search of news and tips: products that come to the market, ideas of make for day or night, tricks that can help to disguise imperfections, etc.And, of course, they all want to go out in good makeup, without running the risk of making mistakes in the choice of colors or exaggerating in some detail of the look.

And even among those who are well connected in the subject, often arise some doubts, especially, linked to the colored makeup.After all, for what occasion is it indicated?Can every woman use?What are the best combinations of shadows?

Below, the makeup artists Bruno Moura, from Ophicina do Cabelo;Alberto Pinheiro, Crystal Hair Leblon and Raphaella Bahia, Studio Longevitá, clarify these and other questions on the BEAUTYGENERATE.

How to use?

According to makeup artist Raphaella Bahia, the color makeup is super high.”She asks as basic items: colored lipstick, lots of eyeliner, metallic shade and pink items.The make with nothing in the eye and mouth is also an option, “he says.

Some colors are guaranteed to succeed, according to the makeup artist: orange (which suits all women) and red (in more open tones).”It is worth remembering that when the mouth is in focus, the eyes and the rest of the makeup should be more ‘off’,” he says.”One color that is also making success is purple,” he adds.

Another tip for those who appreciate a colorful makeup is to bet on eyeliners who have won colorful versions.”Bet on the shades of blue, green and pink.Perfect for anyone who wants to invest in color without getting over, “says Raphaella.

According to the makeup artist, one color that is very successful in makeup is the pink candy.”It can be used on everything, in the eyes, on the lips or in the two together.Color is released.Pink outlines also promise.They impress joviality and leave the look cheerful without exaggeration, “he adds.

For whom is the color makeup indicated?

According to Raphaella Bahia and Bruno Moura, color makeup can be used by all women.

But, according to the makeup artist Alberto Pinheiro, the more formal and discreet will hardly use this type of makeup.”The color make is more suitable for women of attitude, who are not afraid to be recognized on the street and receive indiscreet looks,” he says.

But, considering the color of the hair and the tone of the woman’s skin, are there restrictions?Anyone who approves of this kind of makeup can bet on it?

“There are no restrictions in this regard.There are exact color and tone for light, dark and black women.Just know the ideal combination, “says Alberto Pinheiro.

Colorful makeup during the day: can it?

Makeup artists Alberto Pinheiro, Raphaella Bahia and Bruno Moura are unanimous in saying that color makeup can be used during the day.”One tip for the day is to bet on colored lipstick,” adds the makeup artist Rafaela.

As noted by makeup artist Alberto Pinheiro, the color makeup is generally used by a modern and funky woman.”So if she is a person of attitude, this type of makeup will fit both day and night, and can be done in various colors,” he says.

Shadow and colored lipstick: yes or no?

In the opinion of makeup artist Raphaella Bahia, the ideal is, when the mouth is colored, the shadow is not so colorful.”But you can, for example, combine an orange lipstick with a pink shade,” he says.For Alberto Pinheiro, in this case, the tip is to bet on the nude or light pink lipsticks.

What is the most appropriate blush to accompany a colored makeup?

According to makeup artist Alberto Pinheiro, the blush has to match the person’s skin color.”If you are a light woman, use light pink or peach;already the dark women must opt ​​for the brown or bronzer, “he says.In the opinion of the makeup artist Raphaella, it is important that the blush chosen is dull, “not to draw too much attention.”

Duo of shadows

For women who love to combine two or more shade colors in the same makeup, the pros give some combination tips.

“Green and pink, blue and silver, brown and gold, black and gray, orange and pink are good combinations,” says Raphaella Bahia.Alberto Pinheiro also cites: purple with lilac, dark green with light green, blue with lilac, blue with pink.

Bruno Moura adds that white matches any other color, and the same goes for black.”Gray, brown, lead and silver are classics.Green combines with pink, blue, yellow and gold.Rosa in the summer can match everything too, “says the makeup artist.

What clothes can I use make full of color?

A common question that arises when we talk about color makeup is in relation to the look that will be used.Does this type of make match any outfit?

Alberto Pinheiro points out that this depends very much on the woman’s style.”But the ideal is not to abuse too much in the colors of the clothes, since the make will already call enough attention,” he says.

Raphaella Bahia also reinforces the need for colors (clothing and makeup) to be harmonious so as not to create an exaggerated look without any combination.

Step-by-step color makeup

Below, the makeup artist Raphaella Bahia teaches how to make a beautiful colorful makeup.If you are a fan of this type of make, write down all the details!

  1. Thoroughly clean the skin with a make-up remover of your choice.Then apply the primer to the entire face.Then the base homogeneously.
  2. Apply the blue eye shadow across the eyelid.
  3. Pass the second shadow, which can be black, military green, dark green, silver or gray in the left corner (outside).
  4. With the brush, it vanishes over the first shadow, with a brush to vanish.It has to be very mixed.Clean excess with cotton swab.
  5. Pass a lot of mascara.
  6. In the mouth you can use a nude lipstick or rose tea.
  7. The blush should be one that fits your skin tone without dimming.

Videos: 3 colorful makeup to inspire

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Photos: colorful makeup

In the search for inspiration, one of the options is to visit the beauty blogs and see what color mixes the bloggers are doing.See below photos of some bloggers and makeup artists who have also bet on the colorful makeup:

Product suggestions for your makeup

Palettes of various shade colors are the ideal allies for colored makeup, but beyond them there are other items that you can use to make a colorful make.Check out the gallery below for product ideas that can be used to create beautiful colored makeup:

Color Makeup: More Inspirations

Here are some links where you can find more sources of inspiration to create your full color makes:

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Now there is no excuse to be afraid to use colors in makeup.If you like this style of makeup, throw yourself at the full color palettes!