Clues about Plans for 2017 HTC: HTC Ocean of 6GB of RAM Would Relieve to The U Ultra

HTC has some years achieving what very few manufacturers get, disappointing the market with all and each one of their releases. Subsequently, when the terminal can be tested in hand, feelings tend to change for good but the initial rejection of its new terminals It is without doubt a case worthy of study. With the HTC U Ultra returned to occur.

He has been criticized for the choice of the Snapdragon 821 for a terminal that will be located above the 700 euros in price, and having mounted a battery are clearly insufficient for its huge 5.7-inch screen which, moreover, does not come alone. But What has been most criticized is that this will be the main flagship to 2017, something that may not be true for some information that lead time filtering.

Ocean Note, also known as HTC U Ultra

The last thing that comes to us from one of the best-known leakers of information relating to HTC, LlabTooFer, speaks of the HTC U Ultra, met for a long time as HTC Ocean Note and which opens the virtual assistants within the manufacturer, is a device designed to achieve win for HTC users among those disappointed with Samsung following the incident with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 their problems and their subsequent definitive withdrawal from the market.

HTC U Ultra is phablet that was released in order to get users who were disappointed by Note 7 failure. It was never positioned as flagship.

— LlabTooFeR (@LlabTooFeR) January 14, 2017

Thus, HTC U Ultra could be considered more a terminal end of 2016 to first in 2017, by strategy, and that would perhaps justify the urgency at its launch, and why not wait for the 835 Snapdragon which will adorn the flagships of this year. For this reason, and because HTC seems to have a new flagship in the making, a terminal that henceforth known as HTC Ocean.

We don’t want to leave behind either the fact that LlabTooFer has also stated that there was a terminal of the Ocean, called HTC Ocean Master, line that would be canceled by the way. Nor is it surprising as HTC has had to cuts in its planning of releases to fit 6 or 7 phones that want to put into circulation this year. And one or more.

So, and knowing that there are doubts that the HTC 11 will become a reality, at least not by that name, try to collect what they reviewed on this future HTC Ocean, that could be be masked between several rumors and leaks so far. We must not forget that the MWC in Barcelona is already just around the corner, and we could have appointment with the Taiwanese in Barcelona.

… Is HTC Ocean the live HTC Phone?

This “presumed flagship” that talks about LlabTooFer, known as HTC Ocean, could well be the HTC Live Phone already leaked days before the official launch of the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play. It would make sense that even there had been because Barcelona are expected to the first batch of terminals with the processor Snapdragon 835, a chip prepared for yield to the highest level in terms of virtual reality.

Just eliminate some questions
HTC U Ultra (Ocean Note) – not 2017 flagship
HTC Ocean Master – cancelled
HTC Ocean – presumably 2017 flagship

— LlabTooFeR (@LlabTooFeR) January 14, 2017

If HTC seeks to unite its most promising line currently, virtual reality for computers and consoles lives, with their smartphones, what better to wait to install the new chip from Qualcomm. Dates given and given that the terminal has already been leaked in a promotional video for the brand, we have little doubt that its existence is a reality and that You can try this HTC Ocean It is yet to come.

Move the live HTC requires a very heavy hardware, and the possibility of a Live Lite opens on the horizon

The problem may be the power they need live HTC to operate, something that has moved away them from the first moment of the mobile ecosystem and that does not seem to be able to solve the Snapdragon 835. There are several theories on the subject, if this the case, as the of a Live Phone with special functions for the lives but that they operate with a computer, or even a few live HTC Lite, the style of the Samsung VR Gear or the Daydream View of Google, to bring both worlds.

This phone, according to the leaked video, would offer never seen so far personalization capabilities within HTC and they emulated in some ways, perhaps more advanced form, to the bike Maker of Motorola. Smooth materials, textures imitating woven, new colors and even printed patterns on plain colors: Chemicals.

Rumors about the future HTC Ocean

Some characteristics of a future mobile HTC have not finally crystallized in the HTC U Ultra or in his little brother, the HTC U Play have been leaked for several weeks. We could associate with the HTC 11 but since its existence is expected to be unlikely, We will begin to bind them to this Ocean HTC He will begin to speak today to the day of your presentation.

The first information that we have is the previously mentioned Snapdragon 835, the last chip from Qualcomm prepared for, among other things, move more fluently apps of virtual reality. It would fit with the line lives and would be ready for the week of the MWC in Barcelona. It could be accompanied of 6GB RAM and there has been information relating to its internal storage: from basic 32GB to 256GB top model.

5.5 “QHD, Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, 32 – 256GB, 12 megapixels, 3. 700mAh… some data attached to the future HTC Ocean

The display is expected to be of 5.5 inch and since HTC seems to resist to leave behind the Super LCD panels, the doubt is in its resolution. Although the arrival of the HTC U Ultra a few days ago with QHD invited to think about a repeat of the move. Also data on a 5.2-inch with the same resolution panel arrives, will this HTC Ocean or it will be a new Ocean Play HTC HTC U Play style?

And finally, the Chambers and the battery. 3700 mAh is the figure that is rumored, but after the arrival of a 3,000 mAh with 5.7 inch mobile, we will put it in quarantine until the last moment. 12-megapixel sensor main on the back and 8 megapixel camera for selfies in front complete the list of associated specifications this HTC Ocean which we will now learn more data in the future.

So, if HTC plans to place on the market this year between terminals 6 and 7, halving its roadmap of releases, we could already have three or four models between the submitted and the rumoured. HTC U Ultra, HTC U Play, Live Phone and HTC HTC Phone Lite/Play live. What would remain for the rest of the year? So let us not forget HTC x 10 or representatives of their Desire line.