Cloth Diapers-Benefits to Baby

Cloth diapers: what are they? Which models to buy? What advantages and disadvantages do they have? Where to buy them?

The mothers of the 21st century back to the old and buy eco-friendly cloth diapers which allow significant cost savings. But what exactly are cloth diapers? And what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to disposable diapers?

Let us see them together.

What are they?

Cloth diapers are reusable not disposable diapers then because, precisely, washable. There are three models: two pieces (also known as All in 2), all in one (also called All in 1) and pocket.

The fabrics are both natural diapers that synthetics. In the first category includes materials such as flannel and cotton Terry, fully synthetic ecological and non-allergenic, while mostly have the advantage of being more draining.

Models of cloth diapers

The model “All in 2 ″ is formed by an inner absorbent and waterproof, which can be made from wool or pul. The absorbent parts can be of different types: ciripà, muslin (also known as “diaper”), prefold, shaped diapers that can be stopped with buttons or with the aid of velcro or buttons.

In “All in 1 ″ the absorbent part and the outer waterproof are sewn together. The latter is usually in PUL. Are preferred All in 1 models that have the two parts held together by buttons, since the drying of materials is slow, and detach the two halves the favors. It is possible that these diapers have also more absorbent inserts, help, especially at night. Diapers All in 1 can be of different sizes, depending on the child’s growth, or one size fits all, to settle with various buttons.

The “Pocket”, or Pocket diapers, fleece or natural fabric inside and outside in PUL. Absorbent inserts must be inserted into the Pocket and can be in microfibre, cotton or jersey, flannel fabric is very absorbent. Some moms use old towels to do this.

Benefits of cloth diapers

Buying diapers absorb (since we’re on the subject!) many economic resources of couples. The use of cloth diapers certainly cut costs, and can be reused even kids who come after. There’s also the ecological aspect that should not be underestimated, because these diapers will not be thrown in the trash, often not differentiated, but will be used for a long time; In addition cloth diapers are made largely from natural materials.

Disadvantages of cloth diapers

For the first time to wear a diaper is always tricky, the diapers are less practical for this purpose.You have to take some manual skill and patience. They are certainly not insurmountable difficulties! Thedrying of materialsin cold and wet season, it can be a problem.

Where to buy diapers

The shops style “anything for the baby” should already be equipped with cloth diapers. Otherwise,the internet is always an ally. At you can find the cloth diapers.