Classic Dining Room Decorating Ideas

The dining room of the classic authentic aspire to a peaceful and comforting, ideal atmosphere to create a warm and friendly dining room dedicated to bring together family and friends. In images, our inspirations.

The classic dining area contains the traditional codes of decoration given to the taste of the day to adapt to our way of life. The classic dining area is warm and friendly, often well designed to accommodate family and

friends. Because first of all, the dining room is a place of Exchange around meals, from breakfast to dinner. To keep this cosy atmosphere, the focus is on authentic and neutral tones: white, beige, Brown Mole, all enhanced in black, anthracite grey or a lively and intense tone (red Burgundy, Navy Blue, English green).

Classic dining: how to decorate?

The dining room of the classic landscape is antique furniture mingled with contemporary elements, modern decorative items associated with objects found in flea market, all creating a perfect harmony with established color choices. Scandinavian style in the provencal style dining table classic traces a wide range of moods, all authentic and simple, fitted with a certain charm. The friendly room often consists of a large dining table installed in the heart of the room, surrounded by chairs of the same style for a peaceful setting.Sometimes all is overhung a chandelier to pendants or a rustic suspension or vintage. The dining room also includes one or more cabinets to keep the dishes and other table accessories. Usually they come in the form of a buffet or former Dresser, skated or repainted. Classic dining room evokes a style at the elegant old which relies on simplicity to enjoy the simple things with family and friends…

Classic dining: what colors to adopt?

Colours, natural and neutral tones have the upper hand to offer two options: a dining room classic monochrome who put everything on white or a dining room classic with a soft cameo of shades. In both cases, these jobs of the color set the tone and discreetly introduce this gentle and peaceful atmosphere. Whether it’s a dining room open to the living room or a dining room closed, the room is adorned with a spirit “cocoon” intended to convey a feeling of well being.

The dining room of the classic should be the place where one likes to be that stands in the living room and the kitchen. In addition, outside meal times, dining room can also be a space dedicated to the work to do the homework, prepare projects and chat around a snack. That’s why we love to decorate this place in a mind relaxing which aims to escape for a few hours.