Citizen Watches for Men

Citizen Watch Company is a watch brand which was established in 1924. The men who founded the company chose this name so that it could be easily remembered and recognized by people around the world. The company expanded across the globe, Citizen has become over the years a recognized brand and asserted globally.

Due to the high reliability and the innovative technologies that hide behind the Citizen watches, the company has been recognized since 1986 until today as the largest maker of watches in the world.

Citizen was always one step ahead of other companies. They were the first to create the world’s slimmest LCD watch, and it’s always a Citizen the first to have incorporated the recognition as they are always the first to get Citizen watches had an electronic depth sensor in underwater models. Noteworthy are the innovative Eco-Drive collection models, clocks built respecting the environment powered by light rather than by a battery, which makes free owners of these retro models by changing the battery.

The Citizen men’s watches are very special because they offer a unique combination of stylish design and high quality and State of the art technologies.

Citizen really stands out from the crowd of fashion watch brands, offering very high quality watches. While for most manufacturers the capabilities represent only a “something extra” to implement in their models, Citizen creators are a substantial importance. That’s why a Citizen is far superior to many other watch brands.

Citizen models are meant for everyone, there are sports, watches for men that need to dress up in a suit and tie at major events and underwater models for men and women divers.

Here’s a list of my favorite 3 men’s Citizen watch models. Give it a look and tell me what you think.

3 Best Men’s Citizen Watches Reviews

Just to understand what the characteristics of these watches are, here are my 3 short reviews on men’s Citizen watches which carry the most important features.

Citizen Eco-Drive BL5250-model 02L

The first model I want to talk to you about is the BL5250-02L of Citizen Eco-Drive series. The clock, as the name suggests, it has a very powerful light power system able to keep it in perfect working order, year after year, without having to replace the battery (as with other brands of watches) and doing other maintenance.

It can convert any source of light into energy to power the watch in an environmentally friendly manner. The high accuracy of this Citizen is powerful and accurate Japanese quartz movement keeps accurate time in a long time.

The titanium case and bezel act as a layer of safety and protection that preserves the clock from bumps, scratches, and other malicious activity. The brown leather strap high quality, further helps to provide an elegant appearance and manly at the same time.

With its water resistance to a depth of 200 m, you can rest assured that this Citizen will continue to perform very well his work even when you want to take it with you during your sessions of swimming in the pool or at the beach. And finally, thanks to special functions such as the perpetual calendar, calendar, alarm function, dual display and chronograph counters, this watch is definitely one of the better choices when it comes to men’s watches!

Citizen mens watch V102lbbmbs-52E Eco-Drive Nighthawk series

Another big clock that I would like to talk to you is the model V102lbbmbs-52E Nighthawk collection. Perhaps the most important characteristic and emphatic that all notice this wristwatch is the great quadrant which is home to a number of functions that you can use to perform calculations and other complex measures.

This watch also incorporates Eco-Drive technology, a technology that can exploit any source of light to make energy and a precise Japanese quartz engine making it the ideal choice for precise measurement of time that as far as the power reserve with low environmental impact.

No matter where you decide to go, if in that place there is light, the watch will power through it by extending the duration of the operation.

With a look very “high tech”, thanks to the stainless steel case and bracelet that act as resistant armour that protects the watch from damage, as well as to the “complicated” dial, I’m sure you can easily attract people’s attention when you wear this wristwatch.

The mineral glass antireflection treated will provide a clear picture of the dial and will protect the internal parts from scratches and damage. In addition to all these great features, this Citizen has other special features such as:

  • warning low power consumption
  • luminous hands and indices
  • dual display time
  • date and incandescent light.

Finally, with its ability to withstand water pressure up to 200m, the Citizen V102lbbmbs is the perfect companion when diving into deep waters and swimming activities.

Citizen model BM8180-03E

The third clock which I will mention in this roundup of Citizen watches is the BM8180-03E Eco-drive, another Member of the family. This watch has clearly a military-inspired look.

Although the design of the watch may look simplistic at first, strong and durable canvas strap combines perfectly with the metal eyelets, giving this wristwatch virile and masculine.

Run by the same Japanese quartz movement and feeding through the aforementioned light source, I can assure you that this watch will not disappoint in terms of precision and ease of maintenance.

Case and bezel in steel go hand in hand to form the first layer of protection by keeping the clock away from being scratched or damaged due to accidental knocks, making at the same time the appearance of the clock better overall. The rugged mineral crystal protects the inner parts, keeping them safe from potential scratches that can accidentally create during normal daily activities.

Other features of this watch are the luminous hands and markers of time, as well as a small window indicating the time mail to 3:00 hours on the dial and a water resistance up to 100m.