Church Universal Receives Tithes Via Facebook

Technology in the service of religion. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) opens on Monday (27) an application for Facebook for the sole purpose of making life easier for faithful – from now easier to donate a tenth, a tenth of what that you receive in the month, according to the precepts of religion. Netizens can do it directly from the profile of the UCKG in the social network Mark Zuckerberg.

The application of donations is in the air and apparently works. First of all, the faithful need to enter if you want to pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Diners) or bank. He then chooses which is aimed at giving – no difference between tithes and offering, for example. One option is to finance evangelization on radio and TV, another precept that the UCKG adopted widely.

Form with payment information allows donate from $ 20 I did not do this until the end, but it seems to just tell the person’s data and payment data to make the donation. Readers our site who used the application are more than invited to share the experience in the comments of the article.

The application also gives you the option to register to donate the 1-click system. The Internet user selects the value donates quickly, without having to repeat the payment information. Often very practical in virtual stores like iTunes and Amazon (which has not yet come to Brazil, but can do so as early as September, as some rumors market).