Chubby And Chic In Summer

The summer season is the most awaited and beloved by all women. This season is perfect to show off super feminine, sexy and Regal since clothing that we’ll leave uncovered some parts of our body. We will show you that it is possible to be chic in summer and gorditas

All women have a particular style to the dress, there are those who like more comfortable, fresh garments with a modern style as the casual look, others prefer to take more sophisticated outfits with accessories and high heels, etc.

How we are talking about the season summer then we will combine the short clothes

as shorts, tops, dresses, blouses, pole, strapples, etc. It is important that you seek the costumes that suit you, for example, the short waist, are great because you lengthen the legs and plug you all the rolls of the hips and tummy.

Be chic in summer and gordita is simple and practical, let yourself be guided by common sense, choose the summer colors can be with some floral print that gives liveliness to our look, combining fired with the neutral colors and the appropriate accessories.
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