Christmas Outfit-Chic Through The Holidays

Holidays are festive and Christmas holidays are very special… and so every year the question arises again… what will the Christmas outfit be? This year I was particularly lucky… the decision was taken from me-by windsor.

About their request I have been very pleased… I combine this brand with a very timeless chic, best quality and in the main office with elegant office look. But that does not do justice to this label… it has far more to offer and is made for a festive Christmas outfit. Because it may be a fine twist.

Christmas Outfit-Chic Throughout The Holiday

It’s not a secret that I’m in the mood for it. I would be interested in doing this. A challenge-because I have a very timeless sense of style, high quality and elegant, an elegant office look. But that does not really matter to you.

While browsing the windsor-shop I was thrilled by the fine strikings and the wonderful shoes…. Unfortunately some were available only up to size 40… I fall with my giant lettuce already… In love, however, I am, in the elegant silk blouse and this extremely light quilted jacket , which makes the airy flowering winter fit.

While browsing through windsor.-shop If you are looking for something that’s right for you, you’ll love it This extremely light quilted jacket, which makes the light blouse suitable for wearing in winter.

Clearly, windsor also has these classic garments, which are perfect for the office and can be combined with each other … an important factor, as I think. But at least as much wearable and for me much, much more important is the sporty-elegant line of windsor. It just fits perfectly to me uuuund to the chic Dresscode of the Christmas days. On Christmas Eve I like to wear the “little black” and this year it will probably be the sequin dress of my birthday celebration … I think, or maybe something else … hmmmm? ;-).Inside, the dress would not be a problem in the winter… but I still have some time to think about it …

Sure, windsor. So I have a lot of fun with it. But just as wearable and for me a lot more important is the sporty-elegant line from windsor.It suits me perfectly aaaaaand is suitable for the chic dress code associated with Christmas time. On Christmas Eve I like to wear my little black dress or this year it will be the sequined dress which I wore to my birthday party or maybe another one… hmmmm? … well, inside the house the dress would be ok… but I have a Little bit more time to think about it…

However, for the common family meal on the Christmas holidays, a cocktail dress appears to me overdressed. And the birthday of my son is also at Christmas… there would be, any eveningdress probably quite inappropriate. It is absolutely chic, and it must be special… whether it is the 1st Christmas Day we celebrate with many guests at our home, or the second we traditionally spend with my husband’s family at my mother-in-law.

However , I think it’s a good thing. And my son’s birthday is also at Christmas time … there is even a natural evening dress would be unsuitable. It’s not the end of the day, but it’s the end of the day, and it’s the end of the day.

For this kind of Christmas outfit came to me windsor. As called … These fine, absolutely high-quality processed garments, just fit perfectly to festive get-together and so I now have two reasons to look forward to the Christmas holidays… ie. Actually three. On Facebook you can win a nice chain at windsor-the chance can still be used until the 22nd of December… aaaaber Caution, I am determined to ride this winner as the winner of the court…

For this type of dress code windsor.Came right on cue. This is the first time I have been in the world for a while. I have a lot of fun with it Can do this until December 22 nd …… but be careful-I am going to be the winner here ;-).  

SO: You are now looking forward to overmorning …   Because there is there my fourth and last Adventsverlosung. This time, too, I thought about something special again… and maybe someone had not yet commented on last week’s contest… But now fast… on Saturday at midnight is the end of the shoes…. You know shoes… I’m looking forward to you!

So all of you can look forward to the day after tomorrow… Because that’s When You’ll hear about my fourth and last Advent competition. Once again I have something special for you … and if somebody still has not given a comment in the competition from last week… on Saturday at midnight the shoe is coming to an end… .you know which shoes… .I ‘ M looking forward to hearing from you !!!