Christmas Look For Colds And A Few Thoughts About Family

Yes, people-I know. We are in the middle of the Christmas season. We should rejoice and indulge in the sweet life. And I’m quite sure we’ll get it very well for most of the time.

But Christmas is always too much-too much food, too much drinking and too much family. Although these extracts are not limited to the Christmas day. This goes through the whole Advent. Only from the outfit it can not be too much for me-so there is today the Christmas look for colds-but it remains golden.

Only the family can be quite well out of the way in Advent. I believe that the whole consumption is due to the fact that we can not endure this whole concentration in the circle of the loved ones. We prefer to run into the crowded shopping malls and pedestrian zones. In my experience, the self-chosen family is rarely the one we question. This looks different with siblings and parents. I owe these thoughts to a conversation with a colleague. As simple as it seems, it is often not easy.

Christmas Psychoterror

On the contrary, Christmas is also the feast of old wounds, such as the fraternal jealousy and the rooted roles. Gladly the feast of love is also used-just to bring this into memory. In the words of “How, you do not want to spend this year with our parents? And if they are not next year? Do you really want to blame yourself then? “Hmmm … me seems Christmas is now also the Feast of Psychoterror? And it raises the question-from when is it highly officially allowed to no longer sit with their parents under the Christmas tree? And does it need permission at all?

Where Is The Love With All The Love?

The best excuse äh the best reason of all is to put your own children into the world. Then, as a rule, you also have a partner who most likely also brings parents into the relationship. Then it becomes difficult anyway, except, of course, the married parents äh grandparents understand themselves as well. But as soon as brothers and sisters come to their side, they have children with their partners… it’s complicated… Already from the required space. Who can already have a dining room in the size of a hall? Where one could get away with this multitude of people also super out of the way…

Christmas Blackmail

But if the big children are single or have a partner who perhaps even brings children into the relationship, then the Holy Evening is already difficult. This is exactly the same with my girlfriend, with whom I have talked about this topic. She says she is happy when the whole cinnabar is over… and even though I am really a big fan of this overworked Christmas festival. I can understand you. To put the death of one’s parents as an argument, in my opinion does not go… Never! Not just at Christmas time…

Why Does Someone Say What?

If you have a good relationship with your own parents, starting from a certain age, these thoughts always resonate with you anyway. And it usually does not need a sibling that reminds us of it. And if so, then certainly not from the low motive of extortion. For my part, I always try to ask the question of why someone is saying something specific to me. And quite often I come to the conclusion that someone has a very own problem with the subject… In that case I would believe that the dearest sister heart simply has no desire to sit alone with the parents under the Christmas tree? I do not need to be right, but it would be possible.

Sisterly Burdens

Please yes-do not misunderstand. Everyone he likes-I’ve been sitting with my parents under the Christmas tree for 42 years now.The fact that my big sisters forced me to do so for about 5 years, I would like to leave the spot. These are fraternal burdens, which is why I have to visit a therapist for a very long time. But still the pressure of suffering is not great enough. Somehow we have all our Dachshden and my sisters makes it-with permission – very, very lovable. Since I still have the hope-should I have all my friends have grave, I can still start with my sisters an age-based WG. And since I am a good bit younger than my heart sisters, I will then give myself to all my filial revenge.

Christmas Look For Colds

But before I lose myself in detail, there is still the Christmas look for colds. On the leather skirt I had unfortunately to do without. It was not really cold, but with a thick sniffing nose and a sore throat, I did not want to risk cold feet. But I remained faithful to the gold with my embroidered velvet blazer. Now I have to get ready to celebrate with my two families Christmas. And today is also birthday… All come to us… and I’m glad that there is my husband, who is on the grill this year to provide the whole crowd with burgers. Merry Christmas Your dear… nice that you are there. You make my life more colorful and happy. Enjoy the days off and LOVE YOURS, Your Conny: -*

Blazers, shirt: Zara-Amazon Fashion I do not really like it so much – but with this shed blouse (Affiliatelink Amazon) I can not help it. And then she is also polyester … ojeeee … but the sleeves…. Oh you understand…. A black velvet blazer I found at About you (Affiliatelink)-however, quite simply without embroidery. 
Pants, Fake for: Only-the jeans are just great and I like the holes at the knees  (Affiliatelink About you)…. O 🙂 uuupssss…. And that at Christmas. 
Pantyhose: Falke – at Engelhorn Fashion and folks  (Affiliatelink) – this season you get the stockings net net. I tried it… as you can see, relatively unsuccessful.
Shoes: Mia piu Senza-a great pair of black ankle boots from Mia più Senza I found at Zalando  (Affiliatelink). 
Scarf: Mango 
Bag: Michael Kors 
Lipstick: Astor Soft Sensation matte 028 Vintage Chic