Children’s Backpacks: Models, Prices

Learn all about women’s backpacks: models, prices. In this matter we will present the most popular products of virtual stores, that is, they are making absolute success among girls and motivating sales.

Every child deserves a backpack that is able to meet their needs. The piece needs to provide comfort and facilitate the transport of school supplies. In the case of girls, the preference is always for the delicate, romantic models that value the most beloved characters of the moment.

Children’s Backpacks: Models, Prices

Snow White Backpack

The girls love the universe of Disney princesses and, among the favorites, it is worth highlighting the Snow White. The school backpack inspired by this character has shoulder strap, outer pockets and print with the princess. The price is R $ 184.90 or 6x of R $ 30.82 without interest in the Dafiti virtual store.

Peppa Pig Trolley Backpack

Children under the age of five are in love with Peppa Pig. The main character, including, served as inspiration for the creation of a female school cart rucksack. At, the price is R $ 209.90 or 10x of R $ 20.99 without interest.

Barbie Cart Backpack “The Secret Portal”

The Barbie doll has won the hearts of girls for generations. The new adventure, titled “The Secret Portal”, inspired the design of a school backpack of wheels. The model combines the colors pink and purple very delicately, in addition to what has the stamp of the character. The backpack accompanies a magic wand with light and sound effects. The price in the Tricae store is $ 294.90.

Marie Trolley Backpack

Is your daughter a fan of the kitten Marie? So know that there are many backpack models inspired by the character. The product of the above image is made of polyester, has external compartments and a beautiful print of this delicate kitten. In the Bebe Store store, the price is R $ 218.41 cash.

Pooh Backpack

If the girl does not like pink very much, then she’ll love the Pooh’s stroller backpack. The model, which values ​​the colors yellow and red, has two side pockets, zipper closure and teddy bear print. The price is R $ 157.90 or 7x of R $ 22.56 without interest in

Enjoy the tips of the matter Infant backpacks: models, prices. Do not forget to also know the other products of the aforementioned stores.