Check the Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Last week, Mozilla announced that it would soon begin testing with its Social API, an interface that allows integration of direct social networks in Firefox. Today the company released a new beta version of the browser and said that this has integrated API. As expected, it has its own implementation of Facebook Messenger for API test case. And Mozilla really wants you to help us test.

To access the Facebook Messenger for Firefox, you must download and install the latest beta version, then go to this page and activate it. In this version, it comes with support not only to chat but also the ticker notifications that display comments and posts from friends in real time. I confess that until now did not see much use in having integrated Facebook chat in Firefox, but the screenshot published by Mozilla gives a good idea.

Talking with a friend while both are attending an event is better and more practical than open a window with what I watch and another for chat. It is also good to use in live stream sites that require registration to chat on a channel and put you in a room full of a lot of people that you may or may not know (I’m looking at you,

About privacy, Mozilla also clarifies that, by default, the Social API does not change the way your data is handled on social networks. The interface will not give more or less data than the user already provides today unless he chooses to give such data.