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Let your House more lively, inviting and fun with the neon sign.

You want to let the House decoration more modern? Then bet on the neon sign. This decorative item is able to add an urban twist, charming and funny in any environment. Check out!

The neon letters illustrate not only the facades of houses of shows, shops and casinos. They can also turn any corner of the House, with good taste, style and personality. These signs are amazing in the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen and even in the home office.

Neon sign templates

In the market, you can find several models of neon sign, which differ with respect to light color and typography. Some pieces valued just a word impressive. Others bet on short sentences to incorporate meaning to space decoration.

After buying a neon sign to decorate the wall, it is worth investing in a small wallpaper in the room. Install a switch near the Panel, because that way the wiring will not be exposed.

Already there are companies that sell custom neon. The client reports the phrase that you want to expose on the marquee and order a unique piece, with color, typography and size of your preference. The Store House offers this type of customization in São Paulo.

How to use neon sign in the decoration?

Check out tips on decorating with marquee light in different environments:

Neon in the living room

The living room is an environment of coexistence and reception. The marquee lit can decorate different points, as is the case of the wall which lies behind the couch. This decorative piece is a modern and fun option to replace the traditional frames. She can also share space on the walls with posters.

A pretty cool idea for the room is to install the sign on a wall lined with brick. The combination of a rustic element with a modern element is super high.

Neon in the room

The double or single room has everything to keep high spirits with the neon sign. The decorative piece can be placed on the wall behind the bed. When all the lights are off, the neon light to illuminate the environment indirectly and charming.

There are many words and phrases that match the atmosphere of a room. Dream, Love, Together and I Know are good options.

Neon in the dining room

The dining room is a space where all the locals come together to make the meals. Try customize it with a beautiful neon sign that stimulate conversation between people or even sharpen the appetite.

Neon in the Office

The Home Office does not need to be a formal and serious atmosphere, quite the contrary. For some careers that work with creativity, like architecture and advertising, worth includes a neon sign in the decoration of the home office.

How about ordering a custom sign with the name of your company? The element will be an attraction to part in space.

DIY neon sign

With only a few materials and a lot of creativity, you can make a neon sign at home. In summary, just make the template of the word or phrase in the paper and apply a neon wire, respecting the characteristics of the letters.

Watch the video below and learn the step by step:

And there? Ready to include the neon marquee on the decor of your home? Leave a comment.