Cheap Cycling Clothing Sets

Our customer Pali after winter cycling test set, decided to use the opportunity of our cycling blog and share their impressions.

Surely you know it: ,, summer ends, even the Indian “and some of you faces serious decision: keep or neuschovat your bike in the garage ?!” Most cyclists it takes “sporty” and voluntarily go in winter to cross-country mode, the to keep fit as you wish. But there is also such (my case) who would like to osedlávali your bike as long as possible, and are looking for appropriate clothing.

I have a similar dilemma this season and I dealt with, so I decided to contact the official site. Recommended to me was winter cycling set SKY, which its material equipment and functional elements had to cope with lower temperatures (8-10˚C) and winter gloves brand Castelli.

In the cooler autumn weather set really well and man in it feels comfortable right. Zip to jersey is in this case over the entire length that provides maximum insulation and protection against blowing. Without any problems you can put on their working clothes or any teplího thin layer of clothing. Even in this case you’re not risking any leakage and moisture and body temperature remains through the insertion ALO membrane at the required level. Using this winter will set my bike prodlpouží year at least another three months. The advent of truly solid winter months, it was really better to bet on an insulated jacket or other warm accessories at its own discretion, or after all masses to latch onto the milder “speed” and put on your running sneakers.

Perfectly lined glove extended sleeve winter jersey and prevent any blow through. Their functional elements in the inside of the fingers comforted not only when control wheel, but today more and more preferovanímu helpers on the road, which is a smartphone. The gloves I was able to seamlessly receive calls, but also to resolve common settings in mobile.

The extended 30-month warranty certainly pleased, but I hope we will not need them. Its winter gear I ordered my usual over the Internet, pay and pay Palo very next day I was in the saddle. With such a service, I was completely satisfied.