Charivari For Women – Best Dressed With This Trend-Piece

The Charivari for women is the accessory In the costume fashion. What once began as a leather trousers jewelery is now becoming increasingly popular as a dirndl jewelery. Unlike the men, the women can style the trend part of the costume jewelery in different ways.

We love Armparty

In the Street style, you can not have enough bracelets, bracelets and watches for your armparty. If you want to look cool as a fashion girl in the Dirndl as well, you should have access to the Charivari bracelet.The arm jewelry from Alpenwahn combines the classic charivari coins made of metal with girly elements of pearls and a heart pendant with flower print.Although this begging bracelet is made for the dirndl in particular and the costume fashion in general, the wearer can also pimp her jeans and t-shirt outfit with this charivari.

Charivari at the Dirndl

As an alternative, modem girls can attach their Charivari to their Dirndl bodice. The silver chains, which are fitted with medallions, precious white and heart pendants, look much more filigree than their male counterparts.
On the one hand, the charivaris, which are pasted on the costume dress, highlight the wearer’s cleavage; on the other, they decorate simple bodices in a special way.

The different versions of the Ladies Charivaris – numerous models and different tramping possibilities – always guarantee new costumes.

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