Change Shoes-Sneakers And Pumps-Casual And Chic

WOW folks-I am really overwhelmed… So actually I am always when you write me comments and I notice that there is someone outside, who likes my posts…

So THANK YOU!¬†Thank you for your great tips… I see, here are many travel professionals at the start and I will take all your advice to heart and hopefully pack my suitcase strategically.However, I already see that I will probably start again too late … Finally, I am writing at a blog post… The organized and good Globetrotterin would certainly work out the Reiseliste… O ūüôā I, however, distribute a classic New York tip for the working Lady-hahaha… as if I had a clue.¬†But I’ve read about it… It’s about changing shoes-sneakers and pumps.

A thing that is in New York’s offices and gaffe, in Germany but probably the practicality falls victim… By the way practical is only the thing in itself… (and that does not always synonymous) the word itself is absolute Stupid… Speak the times… best three times in a row quite quickly… And while typing on the keyboard I had already a knot in the fingers.¬†But this is only mentioned on the margins… and is really n√ľscht to the matter… Perhaps this is the reason why the change in German Offices… (Notices New York offices and German Offices :-D) is not so common.

Change Shoes-Sneakers And Pumps

The New York ladies are mostly with change shoes on the way… and not only in the winter.¬†A woman in New York¬†does not¬†ruin her salesall year round¬†in the streets of the city.¬†For me only stupid, that some outfits with the Unterwegs shoes not so well.¬†That means that you sometimes wear sneakers to the skirt sometimes… and somehow I do not feel so flattering with my body size, even if it is only intended for the road.¬†And for the single ladies among us: you do not know who meets you on the way.¬†However, the love should not stop even before the “wrong” footwear… I mean superficially it would hardly go, and then later the same men who make fun of the shoe diversity of the women.¬†Tztztz…

Zara Mitwachs Collection

However, so that nothing can go wrong, I have chosen a more casual look, which in my opinion but also top with pumps works.¬†I really like style mixes like this… And pumps and cargo pants are absolutely for me… So pure from the feeling they are just perfect sneaker companion and I would like to pack the Hosi in my NY-suitcase.However, the one from a Zara-Mitwachs collection and after two times wear, I can Cla then also with in the pants stuck… And no, no, I have nothing against comfortable dressmakers-but slipping pants are never comfortable-just stressful.¬†Unfortunately, I’ve discovered such a great cargohose today-but I would like to spend my shopping money for New York reluctantly now… I think that would be deppert.

Green & Blue Is The Kasperl’s Wife

The look today also comes immediately to my current Blazerphase.So I think one must go to Big Apple… or should I buy one?¬†I think the New Yorkers wear Blazer.¬†Ohh man… You see, mentally, with me really everything to the impending trip… And I should now really slow times to pack.¬†But of course there are still a few pictures to the look.¬†As I said before with pumps and once with sneakers.¬†On top of that, I’ve dared to use the color combination of green & blue (the Kasperl is a woman)… Questionable who has invented such a silly saying for such a wonderful harmony.¬†But I know there are some such wisdoms and I would be glad if you write me your saying in a comment… THANK YOU… Perhaps I have already the appropriate color derailment in the form of an outfit in petto.. ¬†

A Charity Event And I Also Wusel There Rum

So, now I go but finally pack bags… because morning so today I do not really have time.¬†Today, on Sunday, the Fashiondeluxxe Charity Bazar is in Munich.¬†In favor of the horizon e.¬†V. Nathalie of the blog Fashiondeluxxe put this charity event on the legs and I am really very excited.¬†The event with all its program points promises a colorful afternoon.¬†A fashion blogger flea market, a celebrity beach with flea market and a beautylounge in which one can be pampered, to name but a few of the attractions.¬†Accreditations can be found here (via Eventbrite)¬†and¬†all the details you can find on Natalie’s blog.¬†The entrance fee is 2 Euros and is only for the cost cover… All revenues of the event are given to the horizon e.¬†V., who is devoted to homeless mothers and their children.¬†So who does not know what he does today… come over… yes…

Up Up And Away…

So now I go really… really really luggage packs… On up and away… Have a great and relaxed Sunday you dear and morning: All again a good start- ITYPEJOB.COM