Ceramic Watches: Scratch-Resistant Models Overview 

Matching the modern interior of the watch also the optics is up to date:

For the bigger purse: Ceramic watches from Omega, IWC and Panerai

Omega opts for a very current model, the Omega Planet Ocean deep Black, a case originating from a single block ceramic is. Nice detail: rubber with ceramic combined in the form of colour accents on the bezel (red and blue version), as well as on the Crown (Omega logo) and the helium valve was first.

What is likely to deter many is the size of the Omega Ceramic Watch: the Omega Planet Ocean Deep Black brings’s whopping 45, 5 mm in diameter and 17, 8 mm height. By the fact that ceramics is significantly lighter than stainless steel, the watch is relatively easily portable.

Not only the size of the ceramic clock but also the price is staggering: even with discount in the jewellery should be the model for under €8000 to get.

There’s more information about Omega’s newest ceramic model here:

Omega sets but also in its flagship model, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch in the dark side of the Moon-variant, on a black ceramic case. Similar to the Omega Planet Ocean Deep Black is side but also the price of the dark of the moon with over €7000 pretty crisp.

Already in 1986, the Swiss manufacturer IWC model presented da Vinci as the world’s first watch with a casing made of coloured ceramics. 2010 the IWC da was republished chronograph ceramic Vinci, which partly consists of ceramic-glass version, base, Crown and buttons of the housing is the titanium alloy grade 5 to use, so the surface can be treated more flexibly. This not as usual greyish is the Titan, but has a very deep effect.

For about €10,000 however the IWC da Vinci requires a fairly large purse ceramic watch…

But that is not all what have to offer the Schaffhausener: in the IWC top gun Aviator watches series for example, massive Black ceramic case in very many models be used. Exciting: IWCs pilot watches history goes back up in the 30s…

The Italian brand Officine Panerai can boast of a long history of brand: the brand for the massive Combat divers watches, which came during the second world war on the arm of some marine special forces is especially well known. Panerai had the breakthrough only by the brand fan Sylvester “Rambo” Stallone, who has several Panerai Watches his privately owned and flaunting wore in the film daylight . Learn more about the history of Panerai are there in this article: military watches: cheap and expensive models for use in harsh.

Panerai has with the model Luminor 1950 3 days GMT Ceramica a 44mm large model in the portfolio, which is waiting with great optics, but rips pretty big holes in the wallet: €8500 model with calibre is hard to get.

Most Panerai models is the very dominant Crown guard, as well as the rather simple design, which is compatible with the large housing diameters. Also the Luminor 1950 Ceramica is designed:

Watches Jacques Lemans and Bruno Söhnle: cheaper entry into the ceramic world

The above featured models who are too expensive, which can take a look at the two producers Jacques LeMans and Bruno Söhnle : in the models is the case not made of ceramic, it used but is a material mix of ceramic and stainless steel , which ensures quite varied optics.

E.g. the (partial) use of ceramics in the watch strapis well thought out to make this scratch-immunity. The manufacturer uses Bruno Söhnle Glashütte, E.g. when his battery-powered model algebra on it. Price po An another manufacturer who relies on a ceramic stainless steel material mix, is the independent Austrian watch manufacturer Jacques LeMans. Very nice I E.g. the find Jacques LeMans sports Liverpool DayDate for scarce €400-but beware: Also is the only coated stainless steel this model, i.e. only the bracelet is made of ceramic. The very prominent with 46mm model comes with Sapphire Crystal, quartz movement, and 10 bar water resistance (suitable for showering, bathing etc.).int: from approx. €500.

How Bruno Söhnles algebra uses model but also Jacques Lemans in many models on conscious optical withdrawals of stainless steel and ceramic elements, E.g. in the Jacques LeMans Dublin for about €250. This model also has a quartz movement, Sapphire Crystal and 10 bar water resistance on board.