CCTV Camera FAQs


No law forbids you to install a camera in your home and make personal use only. This does not mean that anything goes: you do not have the right to film the street or neighbor’s house. This is to respect other people’s privacy, as defined in the Article 9 of the Civil Code . This principle is valid for all family members, including the camera is privacy.

Home Surveillance Cameras

If you employ domestic staff (child care, etc.), the Labour Code applies: these people must be informed that a camera is located on the premises. In practice, this information may be subject to a clause in the employment contract. When recording, a declaration to the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) is required.Data recorded history can not exceed 30 days.

Finally, if your camera supports the fact a burglar, the case is not settled either. While the principle of free evidence applies in criminal law: the images from your camera even taken without the knowledge of the burglar, are admissible. But their credibility is subject to the discretion of the judge, the time stamp is accurate?The images recorded have they not been manipulated or faked? Moreover, the alleged offender may estimate injured and invoke the right to privacy or image rights to defend themselves! A happily unlikely academic hypothesis.

Surveillance cameras

Like any object connected to the Internet, any camera surveillance can be hacked. Security breaches are sometimes discovered a malicious expert could exploit CCTV security cameras. Moreover, the specialized search engine Shodan had hit the headlines a few years ago because it allowed anyone to access poorly protected cameras. But do not panic: the risk is infinitesimal certain precautions.

Already, these cameras for their majority refuse direct access from the network, apart from the mobile application. Next, the WiFi connection that connects your camera to your Internet box, if any, is very safe if you took the trouble to secure it with a password, possibly long and complicated. WiFi through walls, however Ethernet is most recommended.

Finally, the cameras whose operation is based on the cloud is a priori more exposed. But the connection is encrypted and servers that contain the records are located on highly protected sites. And even if a hacker is engulfed in a fault, it is unlikely to find your recordings.

Home insurance

Some customers Kiwatch, which has partnered with Axa, have benefited from a reduction in their home insurance, says the manufacturer. It is possible, but not systematic: the decision depends on the policy of the insurance company and agent, which will not fail to assess the risk of burglary and other parameters. If you have a good relationship with your insurer, try your luck.