CCTV – a System That Goes Beyond Security

The CCTV (closed circuit television) has become today an essential tool for anyone seeking more safety and comfort in the workplace or even in your own home. But contrary to what many think, this system does not allow your user just caught moments involving kidnapping, murder or robbery, security cameras system contributes more than just for this purpose.

Day after day we came across news on TV they show unusual scenes of blatant in a particular Avenue or subway station for example, although the television appeal somewhat to more shocking scenes, usually cameras like these are not there only to detect or shoot scenes as cited previously, they usually also serve to detect the flow of people who are in that place, to have an overview of all the corners of that environment to the supervisor-greater sounds like a great savings so much money as to time.

Hospitals currently utilize this tool to control output and input from patients, as well as oversee the rooms to see if the patient is quiet, so the doctor can have wide view of all your clients at one time. Another case is the presence of cameras in schools, currently the Clear CCTV has several cameras throughout the technical school of electronics Francisco Moreira da Costa, better known as “Entertainmentdns“, located in the city of Santa Rita do Sapucaí-MG. The monitoring system makes the strategic points of the school are supervised, this does not guarantee only the safety of the environment itself, but primarily the safety and tranquility of the parents.

As you can see, a video monitoring system brings more than just security, he also assists in the task cooperation that before required a significant number of people to carry it out. The same works as if in this broad vision of what happens around us, making us aware of what happens anywhere in the world without at least need to get out of our residence.