Catrice “It Pieces”: Selected Products From The New Range

Since August, the new Catrice products are available, which enter the shelves as part of the autumn / winter product update. The “LE” It Pieces presents some selected products from the new range and is therefore not really a “limited edition” since the products are permanently available in the standard range. Cosnova gave me some products for testing, which I would like to introduce to you today. Thanks a lot for this.

Catrice “It Pieces” Eyeshadow

In total, there are eight new Absolute Eye Color Mono Eyeshadows, five of which were included in my test pack. The eyeshadows have a content of 2g and cost about 2.79 € on

580 “I Like To Mauve It”

“I Like To Mauve It” was at first glance my favorite. But unfortunately, he gave little color, but mainly glitter. For the result above I had to layer several times. Without Base, nothing goes here and is almost invisible on the eye. Even with a base you have to apply it several times.

550 “Saw It On Blue Tube”

A beautiful blue with silver particles. Again, without base slightly weak in the color output.With Base however quite okay and solid when applying. The silver particles are still visible on the eye.

590 “Dorian’s Gray”

Again, without base very weak in the color output. It was only when I “stroked” a few times with the brush in it that the color was better. With Base, however, he reveals his beautiful duochrome color, which I unfortunately could not hold on the photo. He changes between gray and gold and is thus for me the surprise of the eyeshadow.

580 “Carrots Of The Caribbean”

From the color output the best eyeshadow from my test pack. With a base, the beautiful golden shimmer becomes particularly visible. I would never have bought the color in the store, but I am surprised how nice it looks and how well it can be processed.

570 “Plum Up The Jam”

A beautiful plum with golden glitter particles. Without Base again disappointing, with Base however good in the color.

Conclusion Eyeshadows

The “I Like To Mauve It” was at first glance my favorite, but I was also the most disappointed.Little color with lots of glitter. Qualitatively the most convincing was “Carrots Of The Caribbean”, which, unfortunately, does not fit into my bag scheme at all. The golden glow is really nice to look at. The “I Saw It On Blue Tube” and “Plum Up The Jam” are solid with a base for the color output and can be processed well. My personal highlight is at the first glance the most unimpressive eyeshadow “Dorian’s Gray”. With a base, he reveals his beautiful duochrome gray-gold effect.

Catrice “It Pieces” Mascara

There are 3 new Mascaras in the range: Evolution To Revolution Ultra Black, Glamor Doll Volume Mascara and Mini Max Precision Volume Mascara. The last two were in my test pack and I would like to introduce you briefly.

Mini Max Precision Volume Mascara

This Is What Catrice Says:
“Impressive eyelash volume and seductive length, with perfectly separated eyelashes: It is not easy! The specially designed brush is suitable even for short and fine eyelashes, as it achieves especially the lower eyelashes and eyebrows in the eye angle. The small comb rows of the special brush can easily grasp every tiny eyelash at the eye angle and envelop it with the creamy black texture Without clumping.”

Contents: 12ml Price: 3,99 €

So, now you get to see the naked truth: My inconspicuous, unpainted quasi-invisible and short eyelashes The short rubber mat of the Mini Max Precision Mascara I find in the application very unfamiliar. I need a disproportionate amount of time to wash my eyelashes and often a clogged result comes out. In the photos above it is actually, but I have used the mascara in the meantime more often and I have to say, I really do not have the rotation yet and I am not always satisfied with the result.

Glamor Doll Volume Mascara

This Is What Catrice Says:
“Doll Eyes dominate the international catwalks and this season is the absolute must-have. And the Glamor Doll Volume Mascara is the same: with the special elastomer brush the creamy mascara can be distributed particularly well on the eyelashes. Due to the large interspaces, the elastomer brush absorbs extremely much of the texture and envelops every single eyelash with color without weighing it down. It not only gives extra volume but also an incomparably fascinating length and density. The result: irresistibly large doll eyes, which seduce! Ophthalmologically tested.”

Contents: 10ml Price: 3,99 €

The brush of the glamor doll mascara is much longer, with which I manage however very well. But I also like to use the I ♥ Extreme Mascara by Essence and am great Mascar brushes so used The application I find here much more pleasant and the eyelashes are lengthened beautifully and condensed. I like the result overall very well and better than the Mini Max Precision Mascara.

Catrice “It Pieces” Ultimate Lip Glow

This Is What Catrice Says:
“One shade fits all! The new CATRICE Ultimate Lip Glow-Lip Color Intensifier suits every look: the transparent lipstick texture contains oils that smooth the lips and radiate. The result is a natural, fresh look with an absolutely individual color result.”

Content: 3g
Price: about 4,99 €

The Ultimate Lip Glow looks really funny with its jelly-like consistency and has an artificial fruity smell. The price I find personally a little high, especially when you consider that it is more or less a toned lip balm. He should intensify his own lip color, which has led to my lips look a little pinker than without the lipstick. The effect I find on my lips quite beautiful. But the lipstick certainly comes out differently, depending on how well pigmented your own lips are.

The products were made available to me by the manufacturer free of charge and unconditionally for testing.