Catrice Cruise Couture LE: Swatches & First Impression

The new Catrice Limited Edition “Cruise Couture” will be available from May. That’s why I was a bit surprised, when I was at dm completely unexpectedly a Riesending of Aufleger? It spreads over two floors with an abundance of products and immediately attracts every attention.

Curiously, I approached the monster and was amazed at how many products from the standardassortment are contained. It is, of course, not difficult to present an installer even on two floors if this is only to be used for a more prominent placement of the standard products. I did not make much trouble with Swatches and even if I think the presentation of the LE really nice, nothing bought.

The Large Erector Over Two Floors:

The Concept Of LE:

“Sunbathing on the yacht, to cool off in the deep blue ocean and in the evening go to the most exclusive parties of the city … Welcome to St. Tropez! The limited edition “Cruise Couture” by CATRICE will start in May 2012 a spa trip to the Côte d’Azur. 
The color world combines nautical blue shades with fresh pink and coral nuances.
 In the fashion scene, this maritime color combination is called “French New Wave” and this year is interpreted by the high-fashion designers as luxurious and glamorous as never before. Beach fashion and chic city outfits and the right CATRICE look can not be missing. Whether at the sea or shopping, the fresh colors of different shades of blue, coral, apricot and pink tones are stylish and elegant – just like CATRICE!”

My Opinion:

Maritime LEs are there every year anew. But I think that Catrice has really put this issue into practice. Instead of blue, red or gold blue shades are combined with coral, apricot and pink.

What Is Really Limited?

Eye Shadow Palette, 4,95 €

Gel Eyeliner “Nautica”, 3,95 €

Beauty Bag, 4,95 €

Nail Polish, 2.45 €

Lip gloss in color “C01 Welcome To Pink Tropez”, 3,75 €

Cruise Couture Eye Shadow Palette

This Is What Catrice Says:

” All eyes on St. Tropez! The perfect eye makeup for unforgettable summer holidays. The limited Eye Shadow Palette in a high-quality decorated box presents six eyeshadow colors with silky smooth texture: summery-fruity pink and apricot meet two nautical blue nuances and a gently shimmering white.”

The Palette Contains Five Colors And Costs 4.95 €

My Opinion:

So at first sight the palette looks really damn chic! Great design and bright colors. But then why the hell is so much of the white color? Do not you usually take this to the highlight? In addition, the eyeshadows have only light color. The swatch image above shows the result of multiple layers! As pretty as the packaging is synonymous, almost five euros, the eyeshadows were not worth. The colors are certainly taste and up to the Pink and Apricot clay not really extraordinary.

Cruise Couture Ultimate Nail Lacquer

This Is What Catrice Says:

“The color range of the nail polish of this Limited Edition makes you immerse yourself in the summery and colorful Côte d’Azur: with warm coral and apricot tones over bright pink nautical blue tones, days on one of the most beautiful coast of France become fashionable and unforgettable. The new extra-wide brush ensures an even more professional paint application on the entire nail with only one brush stroke. Available in C01 Hi, Society!, C02 Jetsetter, C03 Welcome To Pink Tropez, C04 Feel The Yachtbeat and C05 Nautica.” The paints cost 2.45 € each.

My opinion:

The colors I find beautiful summery. There are both paints with cremefinish as well as small shimmer particles. I found the colors now but not so extraordinary and did not buy me a paint.

Lip Appeal Lip Gloss

This Is What Catrice Says:

“Delicate colors and Ultimate luster: the lips become a glossy eyecatcher in the summer colors of Apricot and Pink! The Lip Appeal Lipgloss surprises with delicate vanilla air, flexible precision applicator, moisturizing formulation, exceptional gloss and exclusive design. Available in the fresh standard color 060 Coralista and the summery limited color C01 Welcome To Pink Tropez.”Each 3.75 €

My opinion:

As already said, only the pink color is really limited. The color “Coralista” is also available in the standard range. Unfortunately, there was no tester and since I certainly do not belong to the people who test products, which are not testers, I can not tell you much about the lip gloss But a pink lip gloss is now not so extraordinary and certainly in any standard sortiment too Find. Vanisheduft sounds good, I like foody fragrances!

Catrice Couture Gel Eyeliner “Nautica”

This Is What Catrice Says:

“With its ultra-supple gel texture, an accurate, long-lasting eyelid is achieved, just like the Runway professionals. The CATRICE Gel Eye Liner can be applied more easily, but as precisely as a liquid eyeliner – for a special finish and looks of fascinating intensity. Here in deep ocean blue as an expressive color. Available in C01 Nautica.” 4g for 3.95 €

My opinion:

I did not buy it myself because I thought I had enough gel eyeliner! But now I’m not sure if I should not regret it Right after reading this review: Click! It should have a great covering power and very good hold. Surely the most interesting product from this altogether little spectacular LE.

Total Impression Catrice Cruise Couture Le

The topic of the LE I find actually quite interesting, but the many standard products in the installer leave the LE then but rather boring. There should be a lot of attention with an extragroup installer, because the really limited products would have fit into one of the usual installers. The palette I found quite weakly pigmented and why is the white eyeshadow of the most content? The nail varnish look pretty, but to make sure that I get a LE varnish to buy, it must be something more extraordinary. The gel eyeliner seems to have a good covering power and durability according to various reviews on the net and thus the real highlight of this LE. If you are looking for a large cosmetics bag can access here for just under 5 euros without any reservations, so far I have only read positive feedback.