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Homemade Toy That Fits in Purse

When I look for a toy to build and play with my kids, I prefer always to that which can be shared by my three children, a boy and two girls, aged 4 and 7 years. It may seem difficult, but in fact there are several toys made with what we have at home that make children from ages next play together. I recently did the Spider in the Web, the Glass Return Guys and the Rocket of string. All yielded much. Continue reading Homemade Toy That Fits in Purse

Gifts For 10 Year Old Children

Gifts for 10 year old children can not always be found right away.At the age of 10, children usually know exactly what they want.To find the right gifts, which do not bother the children and which are really fun to them, is sometimes not easy.

We have taken a closer look at some gifts for 10 year old children and will introduce you to our favorites.Gifts for children of other age classes can be found here: gifts for children. Continue reading Gifts For 10 Year Old Children

How Radio Controlled Toys Work

Radio Control

Let’s look more closely the RC truck we saw on the last page. Let’s assume that the exact frequency used is 27.9 MHz. Here is the sequence of events that occur when you use the RC transmitter :

  1. A trigger is pressed so that the truck to follow later.
  2. The trigger causes a pair of electrical contacts to the touch, completing a circuit connected to a specific pin of an integrated circuit (IC).
  3. The full circuit makes the transmitter to transmit a sequence of electrical impulses set (see how the radio for more details). Each script contains a short sync pulse group, followed by the sequence of pulses. For our truck, the segment of synchronization – which alerts the receiver to incoming information – is four pulses that are 2.1 milliseconds (thousandths of a second) in length, with 700 microseconds (millionths of a second) intervals. The segment of pulse, which narrates the antenna so that the new information is, uses pulses of 700 microseconds with 700 microsecond intervals.

Continue reading How Radio Controlled Toys Work