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MWC 2016 Is Coming:What to Expect From the Mobile and Tablet Market

The Mobile World Congress, MWC 2016, starts next Monday (22) in Barcelona, ​​but there are many new features scheduled for this weekend.The launch of the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 kick-start the event on Sunday (21), and should be the stars of the technology fair.

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Amazon Fire Kids Edition: Test of Small Children Tablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

Thick protective cover, special user interface for children kids Edition the Amazon fire is robust and easy to use. For parents important: Access to apps and the Internet can restrict without complications. At the end, the final score is sufficiently for the fire. It made itself in the test but no serious blunders: the design trimmed on the retail price, the slow pace and the moderate image quality were unsurprisingly for a tablet of this price class. Per order this product at Amazon comparatively high brightness acceptable battery life memory expandable special user interface for children thick protective sleeve in the package against moderate image quality slow work pace low camera quality thick construction only Wi-Fi n, NFC is missing mark of the editorial 3.58 cheap smartphones assess sufficient user rating now and convenient tablets are equally highly popular in children. But the devices are sensitive: the devices quickly with a technical knockout acknowledge a freefall Also, free access in the network and the unrestricted use of apps carries significant risks for the otherwise well preserved young. How about with a model designed specifically for children? Amazon has the fire Kids Edition just so a tablet in the program. What is the special thing about it? How is the fire? And what protection is there? These and more questions answered the test by our site. Continue reading Amazon Fire Kids Edition: Test of Small Children Tablets

Medion Akoya E2212T: Aldi Notebook for $299 in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

299 euros are really not much for a notebook/Tablet combo. But customers have to scale down their claims something. Because the Medion Akoya E2212T is a neat convertible with a reasonable screen and a sufficient pace of work, however, weak points are the missing USB 3.0 jacks, the small amount of memory and the SSD storage tight 58,23 gigabytes. The Aldi notebook but impressed with a long battery life. On top of that there are the package Office 365 for one year free. Per ordinary picture quality very long battery life small, lightweight design screen removable Office 365 for 1 year free counter some slow pace of work no USB 3.0 ports of scarce SSD memory obsolete Wi-Fi n standard test grade the editorial 2.96 satisfying who constantly shuttling between Tablet and notebook classic desktop PC comes ever ponder: all these devices are really necessary? Is not a practical notebook/Tablet combo? In this so-called convertibles, the display can be remove in order to use the device as a tablet. If then Aldi from 28 January offers as a part of Windows 10 for just 299 euros, the question quickly arises: is a good buy? Continue reading Medion Akoya E2212T: Aldi Notebook for $299 in the Test

Acer Iconia One 8 B1-830: Handy 8-Inch Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: you need to know that

Is somewhat thick and badly advised, has a rechargeable battery with much steam but the Acer Iconia one 8: test the screen with heavy use remained black until after twelve hours and twelve minutes. Too bad: The pace of work was not outstanding despite eight core, but it was enough for most applications. The biggest deficiencies in the test: the slightly dark display, the obsolete Wi-Fi n standard and only moderate cameras. Best price on the Internet: 123,40 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro decent image quality acceptable pace of work long battery life memory expandable contra maximum brightness of slightly low something hard and thick stale Wi-Fi n standard no LTE version available test note of the editorial 3.18 satisfying user rating now evaluate In the segment of small, handy 7 – and 8-inch tablets are artsy and expensive devices alike. Acer’s Iconia one 8 B1-830 fits with a retail price of less than 170 euro in any of the two categories. Is it worth your money? How good is the equipment? What is good for the 8-inch display? And how long will the battery last through? Our site has tested the Android 5 tablet. Continue reading Acer Iconia One 8 B1-830: Handy 8-Inch Tablet in the Test

Myth of USB

USB personally do not like it much, especially since I’m in  one subject at CTU try to implement a USB interface chip processor. Yet it is one of the most popular computer interface now so we can only watch as progressively pushed out version 2.0 and version 3.0 FireWire themotorcyclers displaces. One of the advantages of USB, which apparently caused its massive expansion, the supply voltage of 5 V. associated with it a lot of myths, half-truths and misconceptions. Unfortunately, some behave accordingly, and although they do not jeopardize our and their safety, but then needlessly surprised that something does not work. Two such complementarily associated myths I would like to refute.

Myth One: The USB port can offer you the 500 mA

Untruth. The value of 500 mA is a maximum load current of one USB 2.0 port. The third version of the maximum increase at 900 mA. However, the device can not just start taking the maximum current value. Just after connection, before the enumeration will be allowed to draw a maximum of 100 mA (for USB 3.0 is 150 mA). Only when the computer reads descriptors from the device requires more current and will meet the requirement, the equipment has permitted to remove the maximum current value.

As stated, for example, Wikipedia, current consumption of the device is expressed in one to five units, each unit represents a 100 mA USB 2.0, 150 mA USB 3.0. If you connect to a computer’s USB hub without external power supply (bus powered), a computer orders from all five current units, but also connected device already offers a maximum of one current unit. That is why a lot of USB devices requires the involvement of directly into the computer, or externally powered hub (self-powered).

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Put a tablet in your life, a device useful for everyone

It seems that it was yesterday when Apple introduced the iPad, but the truth is that four years have already passed. It was not the first tablet, but the model that started to become popular in this category. Since then it has become one member of our technological family as the smartphone or computer.

Now, some them there is still some doubt of what we can do with a tablet. We think that it is not for us, but the truth is that it is very easy to find you a use that fits our lifestyle. Would you like us to help you with some reasons? Keep reading this post.

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Take advantage of your Android tablet with optimized applications

Android tablets are everywhere: all models seeking to adapt, such as mobile phones, to the tastes and preferences of each one of us: large, small, versatile as the Nexus 7 or productive as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. There are many safe and that there is one for each of us.

Although the tablets themselves are important, there is no need to remember that they are based on a series of applications that give added value. Android is an ecosystem that is increasingly on the rise: apps designed specifically for this type of devices and they can do much more than offering its version for smartphones. If you don’t know them, then we recommend a few so you bring forth him most.

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Turn Your Tablet into a TV

The tablets are no longer a fad, are a reality. And it shows in the use we make of them both at home and outside. Apart from simple devices to consume content, now use them to take notes, write texts, create presentations, send email, interact in social networks, learning, etc…

Let’s look at the main accessories as well as software options to watch TV on our tablet.

Hardware options

Leading manufacturers in matters of tuners for PC have launched products capable of transmitting the signal of digital television to any device and in particular to the tablet. We see three models to take into account.

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