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Telekom Has the Best Network

Who has the best network in mobile and home in Germany? And who is the most satisfied customers? Once again the Telekom! As in the previous years also the mobile communications company defended its leading position in the fight for the best network this year. Still, Telekom offers the best network for traveling and the best network for home in Germany.

The journal connect appears already over 20 years. Now that is connect Europe’s largest magazine on the subject of telecommunications with a sold circulation of over 85,000 magazines every month. The word of connect has weight in terms of mobile communications. And their testing of course. Thus Telekom can Pat once again on the back: for the fourth time in a row its network was enhanced by the connect as the best network for surfing and phone calls. So to surf with the LTE plus Telekom with high speed network with 150 Mbit / s in the LTE in Germany. In the mobile wireless network test 2013/2014 of the connect Telekom could carry away the victory – and this already for the third time in a row. In the tested areas of voice quality, faster development of a connection and network coverage, the Telecom beat out the competition and yielded the best results.

But not only the connect, the COMPUTER image (see evaluated the cellular network of Telecom as the best network. For this, 12 million records were evaluated, which had collected the readers of the journal with a network test app. Special feature: The customers of Telekom were with LTE not only the fastest, they were even twice as fast with your mobile phone in the Web on the go like in the year 2012.

You will get not the best network, but the best smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (according to the Stiftung Warentest and the journal connect) here though. And the best: we have the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a mobile financing, in which you can choose the monthly rates even you!

ISOCELL: Samsung Explains Advantages of the Galaxy-S5 Camera

Samsung introduces the key features of the new camera technology of the Galaxy S5 in a short video. The focus is the sensor technology ISOCELL, which among other things to allow you to make high-quality snapshots with rich colors in the dark.

The 16-Megapixel camera is certainly one of the technical highlights of the Galaxy S5. To the anticipation of razor to increase sharp images, Samsung has now set a two-minute clip on the net which illuminated the technical characteristics. Author innovation is the so-called ISOCELL sensor, which is used for the first time in a Samsung Smartphone. To you see here what to do the sophisticated sensor technology for results that:

4K-Aufnahmen, improved high-dynamic-range function, selective focus, and significantly less noise – it all sounds naturally more than promising. As well, indeed, the technique of the Galaxy S5 is and whether the snaps in practice really look like in the video, you can find out on April 11. Samsung’s new flagship in the trade go.

Instagram 5.1 and YouTube for Android Overhauled Design & Performance

Quick and easy photos take a photo and share online – which the makers of Instagram for their updates Android update have made. It was revised the design on the whole app over and purifies the application as a whole clearly.

Instagram 5.1 is available for download in the Google play store and weighs just half your memory when compared to the previous version. The app to the social photo network to work significantly faster: your profile page loads twice as fast as previously, the makers promise in their blog post about the release of the update.

Revised Design with Respect to Diversity of Devices

With the Android app developers through the wide variety of devices of a design challenge faced, which is not an issue with the iOS version thanks to Apple’s consistency. The diversity of the Android has been included in the most recent update: on one side the look of the entire Instagram app has been simplified over so, that good usability is given also on small screens of rather weak-of-the-art smartphones; on the other hand, the interface has been designed that all items also on large-area Phablet-displays are easy to reach.

Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 Helpful Tips

According to cellphoneexplorer, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has a 16-Megapixel camera on the back on board, which generally have very good pictures. Also South Koreans have incorporated some new features compared to its predecessors – such as, for example, the selective auto focus. We tell you how you use these new features, and with what other little tricks, it brings out the best from the camera of the Galaxy S5, you in our guide.

Uses The Selective Focus

With the selective focus, Samsung the Galaxy S5 has brought an interesting feature. Thus, you can set the focus area after taking a picture. As in HDR mode, the camera here takes several pictures, where instead of the exposure the focus changes. This allows you, after you have recorded a picture, different sharpening and blurring can try out. To use selective focus, just a slight touch of the display.

Keep Clean Your Lens

Because the lens of your Galaxy S5 is not very large, even the smallest speck of dust disruptive affect a photo. Respects so before taking pictures on a clean lens of your smartphones and is carefully visible debris located on it. Best you used for a fine micro-fibre or a glasses cleaning cloth. Used best no paper handkerchiefs, as this can cause scratches.

Samsung Galaxy S5 5 Helpful Tips

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Oneplus 2: Photos Show Camera Comparison With The Samsung Galaxy S6

Already next week the top Smartphone OnePlus 2 is to be unveiled. In the run-up to many details of the hotly anticipated Android are already known – and partly been confirmed even by the manufacturer itself. Now appears a camera compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6, which apparently comes from OnePlus Chief Pete LAU.

For the photos that should have been created by the OnePlus 2 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is mostly night shots and Detailvergößerungen of fine structures or patterns, as the Chinese portal Gizmochina reported. These are other motifs as for comparison between the camera of the OnePlus 2 and the iPhone 6. Rather than facing night shots, it’s about the macro capabilities of the two Contracting Parties.

Fresh Colors And More Detail Sharpness At The Oneplus 2

The Samsung Galaxy S6 makes it the OnePlus 2 not so easy as the iPhone 6, because a very high-quality 16-MP camera module with a very bright f/1.9 lens inside him already. The recording by the OnePlus 2 believed the confrontation, appear nevertheless considerably sharper and brighter colors. The latter could be owed but also automatic post-processing of the image processor.

Oneplus 2 Photos Show Camera Comparison With The Samsung Galaxy S6

The whole is this comparison – just like the previous with the iPhone 6 – with caution to enjoy, is yet to recordings by the OnePlus manufacturer. Perhaps, CEO Pete LAU in this case selects motifs, which particularly highlight the strengths of the upcoming OnePlus 2. Only after the release of the Smartphone, a test will tell how well his camera really is. The OnePlus 2 is expected to be presented on 27 July and later possibly from $ 349 available.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

After the Galaxy S3 becoming a bestseller, Samsung pushes for now the appropriate accessories and there is something for everyone.

It begins with a shell, the flip cover that protects your device and in faux leather design that perfectly adapts to your mobile phone. Looks very chic and also perfectly fits the blue version in my opinion.

Samsung introduces the accessories for your Galaxy S3-1

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