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6 Tips To Breathe While Swimming

Breathing in swimming can be a problem for anyone who starts.Breathe right is item that looks like it has nothing to do with swimming. After all, just play in the water, know hit your arms and legs and float. Well … even if you just occasionally, learn to breathe is important to avoid accidents and discomforts that can cause major problems in the future.Here’s why. Continue reading 6 Tips To Breathe While Swimming

Your Chest Says A Lot About You. Take Care Of Him!

It is no longer just a question of learning how to  breast care, it seems that 70% of women do not know basic aspects about the anatomy, development and functions of their breasts according to a study carried out by the students of the Master ‘s  Degree in Mammary Pathology-University of Barcelona, led by Prof. Miguel Prats Esteve. Continue reading Your Chest Says A Lot About You. Take Care Of Him!

Personal Scales for Sale

You do your perfect fit with scales. With a view, you can determine your current weight and a sumptuous dinner, crown the evening or not, so that you can present your personal look in your favorite wardrobe even in the morning. Set a point in time at which you measure your weight: daily, weekly, every two days or an interval that pleases you. Soon you will notice where your personal limits lie, so that your clothes still fit, no tweak or without, for example, when a pair of trousers the button no longer want to go to.

  Continue reading Personal Scales for Sale