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Top Smartphones Now Much Cheaper

Who wants to can buy now brand new top smartphones for much money. Bargain hunters are looking for but offers for the almost as good predecessor models. Their prices are currently in the descent, saving 30 per cent are in there.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is just now come to an end. Samsung, LG and other manufacturers have introduced there their Smartphone flagships for 2016, others do so such as HTC and Huawei in the near future. The devices offer the currently best technique and shine with new functions or properties. But if you buy the Smartphones now or in the coming weeks, must Access deep into the Pocket, for around 600 to 800 euros will be the top units in the trade. Continue reading Top Smartphones Now Much Cheaper

Amazon Smart Phone from HTC?

Messing HTC with A Smartphone for Amazon?

Nothing is official yet, but the Financial Times reports that Amazon along with HTC developed several smartphones. One of the models could have a 3D interface and five cameras.

For years, rumors that the online-shopping giant wants to bring also a private phone in the market after the Kindle are circulating. According to the financial times HTC’s now sits just three smartphones for Amazon. When they go into the trade, remains to be seen, probably it will take until 2014 to it will give Amazon-phones on the market. It is, however, quite sure that Amazon – if it could be called so – will equip its Kindle-phone with a heavily customized Android’s interface. This is already the case with the tablets from Amazon, the Android operating system from Google is on them almost unrecognizable. For Amazon, it would be quite reasonable: the operating system would be fully focused on Amazon and accordingly would buy their apps, videos and E-books only from Amazon customers, not the competitor Google.

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HTC One M9 With 20-MP Dual Camera & 4-Ultra Pixel-Selfies

Two months before the launch of the HTC one M9 crystallizes what rumors to the new top smartphone from Taiwan probably correspond to the truth: an unspecified called source which apparently linked to the subject matter in connection, should now have confirmed a slew of features compared to the tech Portal laptop media.

First of all the things, which we actually already fairly us were sure: the HTC one M9 is 810 of a Snapdragon and 3 GB memory driven, according to, this is also the source of laptop media so. Also, she should have confirmed but also the camera technique of the HTC Smartphones: therefore comes the HTC one M9 with a double main camera 20 megapixels resolution and a 4-MP front camera with ultra pixel technology.

Large Front Camera Like On The HTC Desire 826

HTC is the front camera so on the ultra pixel technology, which was already used for the main camera of HTC one M8. This explains the large camera opening that we could discover in the upper part of the front of the HTC one M9 and the HTC one M9 plus on the last gel files images in any case.

The remaining data, which also have been confirmed by the source, include the 5-inch display with 1080 p full-HD resolution as well as Android 5.0 lollipop as an operating system installed. In addition, the new version of HTC’s own user interface, sense 7.0, already on the HTC one M9 to be preinstalled. To the alleged plans of the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC one M9 plus said the unknown source apparently not.

HTC One M9 With 20-MP Dual Camera & 4-Ultra Pixel-Selfies