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Precast Concrete Walls Pros and Cons

You may have heard of architectural projects built in recorded time. Raising houses in 03 days and working a week are frequent news in architecture and construction sites.

What you probably still do not know is that most of these projects use multi-laminar and precast concrete walls, novelty kinds of building materials in Brazil.

To answer your questions, the webpage made a dossier with all you need to know about precast concrete and multi-laminar walls, which already are available in the work, starting with the production of the material:

Making off

It all starts with the cutting and welding of metal structures made according to the paper of architectural design. They are the molds of concrete structures poured in module tables in a factory. Later, these molds can be reused, following the construction of industrialization trend.

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Nails Decorated for Halloween

Spiders, ghosts, cobwebs and pumpkins: halloween nails 2011 themes with all the best photos of the new proposals.

The beauty of nails decorated changes from year to year even for Halloween 2011. If during 2010 was aimed especially at squared nails and rebuilt with gel, the most innovative decorations with pointy shapes and wants 2011 references to the world of witches. They come mainly from America’s finest ideas of nails in halloween themed and are rich in colors of autumn with lots of smilies drawn to invoke the magical story of this holiday. So, if you plan to make a truly unique Halloween look with costume and makeup , look at the pictures of the Halloween decorated nails that we have prepared for Continue reading Nails Decorated for Halloween

Etekcity 2-in-1 Cree 300 Lumens LED Flashlight

Quality materials, excellent battery life and a very special 2-in-1 system, is the 2-1 Etekcity 300 Cree flashlight, compact and with excellent value for money. More than 2-to-1 would be more correct to call it 3-in-1, in fact, besides being a good LED flashlight, thanks to a sliding system, turns into a camping lantern diffused light, and with the convenient USB port on the back, allows you to recharge mobile phones or power any device. Flashlight, lantern and power bank in single product: Let’s see what it is at Piercingflashlights.

Technical data 2-Etekcity 1 300 Cree flashlight

  • Cree XP-E LED single by 300 lumens with adjustable focus.
  • Rechargeable integrated with 2400mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • USB port to charge devices.
  • Anodized aluminum alloy body made with CNC process.
  • Diffused light sliding system.
  • Button for adjusting the light intensity + strobe mode.
  • Light temperature 6000-7500K.
  • Size 125mm x 30mm x 30mm.
  • Net weight 125g.
  • Included wrist strap.

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Easy Ghost Craft Halloween

To create a fun atmosphere for Halloween, you can make small cuts gauze. Make the most of it will be very easy.
To do this, you’ll need gauze, water, flour, and glass beads, slightly larger than the neck of the bottle.
Take a bowl and mix it with water to flour the flour should not be too much, we do not mix, but do not cook the dough.
Now take a piece of gauze measuring about 10 by 10 centimeters and how to pat the mixture.

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White Milan: The Clocks in Silicon Ops Objects

Among the stand White, the Milan exhibition that during the fashion week gives the opportunity for brand new and emerging designers to present their collections to journalists and buyers from around the world, I noticed the clocks Ooops! Flat of Ops Objects. They are made of silicone, shooting a stylized forms of electronic watches of the eighties, are fragrant and are thick only six millimeters. After watching the Jumper-s glasses, we can say that the spring-summer 2010 will still be dominated by rubber!

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Meet the Incredible Manufactured Taps with 3D Printers

3D printers can manufacture objects, furniture, prototypes and amazing structures with intricate detail in a short time. The first 3D printing model appeared in 1984, and since then the technique has become cheaper and applicable to almost any industry object, allowing everything could be personalized and true to design.

Following this trend, the Printerhall company wares and metal fittings American Standard launched a line of faucets with unique design made by 3D printers.

The line search reinvent the way water is brought to the user. Fine and hidden pipelines carry the water to the aerator, where converge and make the water jet leave as any cock. The impression that the water comes to us a magical and invisible way.

The taps are printed by equipment within 24 hours from the sintering (heating) laser metal powder. The sculpted taps also receive manual finishing and polishing.

The DXV line taps will hit the US market in 12 months. The price is compatible with the exclusivity of the details between $ 12,000 and $ 20,000 US dollars.

How to Choose Flashlight

Flashlights are almost a must in any form of prepping. Most disaster scenarios in any case, I prepare myself before means I will not have access to electricity. This applies regardless of whether I glitches or bugs out. And there is no electricity, there is unlikely to be no functioning lights that rely on an electrical outlet.

It is of course possible to arrange lighting using such as candles, oil lamps, and the like. But even if you arrange the lighting in this way is a couple of flashlights or an effective supplement that also works well both indoors and outdoors and in most weather conditions.

At my purchases of flashlights ambition has been to refrain from large flashlights of the type maglite when their light quality is not even close to the price they command. Moreover, they are bulky, which does not suit me very well when I was in the worst case refers to bug out and want to have as easy/non-bulky gadgets as possible. The only advantage of a maglite is possibly that it also can be used as weapons ( if you now feel they have the need.

But it appeared obviously a maglite on our site that no one offered why I put a bid on 10 million and won the bidding. The reason I even have a maglite is reason alone it being cheap and not that I had any real need for a maglite.

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Surveillance Camera DVR System

Hello, this item of News you want to talk about are the DVR camera system for the safety of their homes and businesses, since this system not only can work for entertainment but offer a great service in security systems.

Camera DVR system

Many businesses and houses today seek to incorporate surveillance cameras that help them protect themselves from insecurity, which unfortunately is becoming more, anytime.

In the market there are many types of security cameras, the main thing before buying one is knowing How to choose appropriate to your needs security cameras. That’s why, as a great option we talk to him about the use of security cameras system with a DVR.

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Desk Lamps Guide

Lamps and lights provide a bright and charming to our room light. However, for some lights, functionality is paramount, and so with the desk lamps we use.

Of course, the design and appearance are also important and often also meet their functionality.

He who sits on the desk takes more than good ideas and good concepts of work, adequate and sufficient light. Desk lamps are very important for a good and healthy results in the workplace, but face greater challenges to be overcome.

On the one hand, the lighting should not be too weak and you could easily wear you down, but on the other hand, it should not be too hard as eyes weary in. The requirements for desk lamps are to keep you awake but also relaxes you eyes. Furthermore, it should be possible to work with your computer, laptop and handwrite.

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