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LED Lighting – Lamps & Fixtures

In the first part of this series, I talked about on the plafon one of the many decorative lamps s, showed the lamp AR70 (halogenated), the DULUX (Osram pin fluorescent), the Halopin(compact halogenated Osram) and Palito (halogenated also).

In the second part I talked about the standing lamps and table and Led lamps, incandescent soft and mini-electronic. Continue reading LED Lighting – Lamps & Fixtures

Criteria That Guide the Best Choice of the CCTV System

The concept of Projects with CCTV cameras only aimed at the coverage of environments with installation of cameras without any commitment to the final result is outdated and cameras with higher resolution require more planning of the location and the objective of the monitoring, that is, which the level of detail that is expected of the system. Continue reading Criteria That Guide the Best Choice of the CCTV System

Make a Great Decoration for a Simple Picture Frame

Maybe you also have a picture with picture frame hang on the wall or the pictures of your family, friends or your favorite decorate your four walls. Today, I would like to give you ideas on how to decorate your frames, whether hanging on a wall or standing on a shelf. We have found three ideas with which you can give your picture frame a cool deco. Continue reading Make a Great Decoration for a Simple Picture Frame

7 Errors by Decorating the Kitchen

The kitchen is the space of the House where we must better balance the practical with the aesthetic value. A well equipped work area does not have why forget style and have a few square meters kitchen does not justify neglecting your design. Today I bring you 7 errors that it is very easy to fall but that you must avoid when it comes to furnish and decorate this space so important: Continue reading 7 Errors by Decorating the Kitchen

Thin And Light: Philips Lumiblade OLED Makes Even More Powerful

Progressing the development of light: Philips has made even more powerful its OLEDs. The efficiency of the high-performance engine Lumiblade GL350 is now up to 45 lumens per watt (lm/W). For comparison, a conventional light bulb reaches 10 to 20 lm/W and is also hopelessly inferior with an average life of only 1,000 hours of operation. OLEDs bring it to the 15-fold. Continue reading Thin And Light: Philips Lumiblade OLED Makes Even More Powerful

Christmas Decorating: Ideas to Decorate Your Table

With Christmas on the door it’s time to start thinking about decoration of your apartment for this festive season. Every detail of the decoration of the House should be well thought out, so as to get a warm and, above all, very tasteful. Details such as floral arrangements, a beautiful floral tree or even the dining table make all the difference. Continue reading Christmas Decorating: Ideas to Decorate Your Table

Bed Linen and Bedspreads

Sprint relay in comfort and cosiness in our home, we often make thoughtless mistakes, namely his desire to quickly obtain a comfortable bed linens, pillows, etc. Practical experience is the most important for you to find those hits that really should not miss this applies only if you are “you” criteria that they must meet. And so today we decided to glimpse into the world of home comfort and beauty, giving you some really valuable tricks to be able to purchase not just good bedding, pillows, etc., and really excellent things that will rejoice every time.

Continue reading Bed Linen and Bedspreads

Residential Lighting Without Errors

Designing the lighting of each environment may seem simple, but need to be considered carefully, because if done the wrong way can affect the actions of the everyday life of the residents and, of course, on account of light at the end of the month.

Below we list some tips on residential lighting to avoid the most common mistakes: Continue reading Residential Lighting Without Errors

9 Tips to Explore Black and White Decoration

If on the one hand the rusticity of black-and-white movies gave way to increasingly shocking special effects, the Duet of contrasting colors don’t never went out of style. On the contrary: black and white built a fashionable elegant and sober and in the area of psychology, represent opposites that coexist well harmoniously, sometimes chaotically within each. Continue reading 9 Tips to Explore Black and White Decoration