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Fishing in Brazil River

I started fishing in the São Francisco River Circa 1968, near the town of Lagoa da Prata, taken by a friend and using a fishing Ranch was inside the cane of sugar mill. The location allowed us to fish in Chicao and also in your tributary River Bambuí, next. At the time I was little, my material was inappropriate, but the veterans picked frequently large surubins is monitored via implanted and gold (although the sewer plant at that time be played directly in the river). Us satisfied with Jenny, and the great albatrosses piranhas. Continue reading Fishing in Brazil River

Everything You Need to Know about Fishing Threads

They would seem unimportant next to the reed or the reel. But the truth is that fishing lines or fishing lines, significantly influence the time of fishing.  Its variety is wide and its applications multiple. Today at PescaCosmar we dedicate a complete article. So that you take into account all its characteristics before you buy it, as well as the effective methods to give maintenance and wind it up on the reel. Continue reading Everything You Need to Know about Fishing Threads

What Cannot Lack in a First Aid Kit For Sport Fishing

Always good floor prevented. For this reason, when leaving for your fishing trip, whether it be offshore or inshore, is fishing for construction or fly, take a first-aid kit. These kits were designed to be used even by people with no major medical knowledge. The important thing is that contains the products required for any situations that may present themselves. Check out that can not miss in your first aid kit! Continue reading What Cannot Lack in a First Aid Kit For Sport Fishing

Buenos Aires to Pure Fly Fishing

Fisheries and species that allow to enjoy fly throughout the bonarense.

For many fans, the province of Buenos Aires is one of the “less mosqueras” from Argentina, with a vastly inferior to the Patagonian status or Mesopotamian. Paradoxically, under a deeper look and Inquisitor, this area offers a vast range of scenarios and freshwater species. Include doradillos, tarariras, carp, catfish, Tarpon, and assorted ultra-light of pig, sour heads, mojarrones and dientudos nightmare. Many times very, but very close to home. In this sense the summer 2016/17 was the auspicious sumamanente, with heavy rains and flooding that brought life and fish, diluting toxic, improving access to food or reproductive efficiency. A year that will be remembered for a long time… Continue reading Buenos Aires to Pure Fly Fishing

Good Fishing Of Concordia

An always yielding area, with very good gold and other fun species.Image gallery.

We already knew the species we were looking for, allegedly also knew the elements with which we were going to try to capture them. The idea was tried with artificial baits and lure some big golden, using bait cast or spinning modalities and fishing background Bogue.

Continue reading Good Fishing Of Concordia

The Proper Use of the “Fishing Knots”

It is a detail of the utmost importance, the fact to correct each of the attachments that we think tying to make the fishery fishing knots . An incorrectly made knot can wreck with Miss capture because it is untying it and the fish to escape. In this article you’ll learn some very important data, so you can recognize that your thread is well knotted to each of your attachments of fishing. I recommend that you read 2 times the writing to a better understanding of the same… Continue reading The Proper Use of the “Fishing Knots”

Key Points in the Hooks for Fishing

One percent large catches that are accomplished in fishing, is by the action of owning a good hook in your thread fishing. It is very important to choose carefully the type of bait you use at the time of the fishery, not you should overlook this aspect because insurance will have a direct impact on the productivity of your screenshots. I want in today, stand out several key points that you must observe with great caution when you go to choose your fishing hooks. Be sure to read a single word of the article, because it is very important to know these tips… Continue reading Key Points in the Hooks for Fishing