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The Maxi Earrings Are Back!

The maxi earrings are back with everything after a long reign of long necklaces from the catwalks of international fashion week! If you’ve missed the most democratic of all accessory, you can bet the maxi earrings to brighten its looks at the next station and even retire the spinning rims or light point rings. In fact, the rings are still high, but they have to be very large or with metal pendants to give a touch more, see?! Continue reading The Maxi Earrings Are Back!

Body Chains: Body Chains as a New Trend Jewelery?

We all know that you can never have enough jewelry.Never!This is like with shoes and an unwritten law?Each of us has so a few jewelery, which as top favorites at the top of the jewelry box.And, of course, the trend setter jewelry, jewelery for certain events, jewelery for special occasions, jewelery that only fits to this one dress (and which we bought exactly for this reason).And jewelry, we discovered on holiday with the great little label and had to take with us.Another important category: jewelery, we have discovered and loved on blogs. Latest example: body chains or body chains.A single term is not enough to describe the bandwidth of these chains.Oh, no matter, I’ll try it anyway. Continue reading Body Chains: Body Chains as a New Trend Jewelery?

The Jewelry Must-Haves for Autumn

I can hardly believe how fast the year flies. We have just been very excited about the summer and were curious about what awaits us there. Now we are moving towards the autumn with huge steps. And this is wonderful, as soon as autumn approaches, many new and exciting trends are inevitably inevitable. A few of them, which are also really portable, I have now brought together for you. Continue reading The Jewelry Must-Haves for Autumn

Luxury: Watches

The clock is often said to be the only accessory we men can wear it up in a neat way. And in the not-too-flooded Mr jewelry industry, I am willing to agree with. “your watch says who you are” is another cliche that moves in these contexts. Manolo invites here on two really great looking wristwatches in two totally different price ranges. Whether the clock says who you are, or if you combine it with other jewelry, so is a clock almost a must for all adult men. Not least in order to keep track of the time. And then I have taken with your high-tech mobile phone of the calculations. Continue reading Luxury: Watches

Tips for Buying Jewelry

The jewels have always been present in our daily lives, but did you know that the origin of these pieces come from many generations before ours? In Latin, means “jewel” what fun “, and that is why she is so present in the daily lives of people, especially for women.

Time to compose a visual, the question is: which gem combines more? And that’s why we’re here today! We will give tips on how to choose the right jewelry for every occasion! The Mission of buying jewellery will be much easier with our tips! Come with us! Continue reading Tips for Buying Jewelry

Leather and Metal Jewelry

The designer Mandy Wu is attracted by opposites, of strength and vulnerability, of emotion and rationality. Consistent with their curriculum vitae, which is also marked by contrasts: Mandy in the United States, was born but grew up in Singapore. First, she studied chemistry before she discovered her creative sense in addition to her scientific streak and began to design jewelry. Continue reading Leather and Metal Jewelry