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Is Denim on Denim in Style

One of the spring-summer 2014 trends most interesting is that of denim garments, evergreen material that is every year thanks to new interpretations of haute couture houses and low cost brands. The summer 2014 rewards the jeans long articles almost never associated with this type of material, such as mini-dresses and long dresses, but even shoes, bags and accessories. Let’s find out what are the leaders in the trendiest of the moment denim. Continue reading Is Denim on Denim in Style

9 Fantasies For Fun Wedding Parties

It is increasingly common to find costumes for wedding parties. They are fun and make the photos even more spontaneous, as well as helping the guests interact in a much happier way.

If your wedding reception is all scheduled, but you think you still lack that touch more than special, take the risk in this new fashion and hit it full. Do not know which are the best and most creative costumes for wedding parties to buy? Paper and pen in hands that we tell you! Continue reading 9 Fantasies For Fun Wedding Parties

The Three Basic Trends for Back to School

One of the few pleasures of returning to school is to get a new look, I am not the only one that likes a good makeover, some?. This is the time to reinvent itself, each semester is exciting to experience cuts, colors, makeup, trends, etc., but between so many trends, magazines and tips can be difficult to find your way. Continue reading The Three Basic Trends for Back to School

How to Make an Incredible Pajama Party for the Kids

Organizing this kind of night is easy: just a little imagination for activities, planning and food for fun to be guaranteed

A good pajama party is fun guaranteed-and it goes very well to celebrate a birthday differently as well as pretext to gather friends on a lively evening. And the best: preparing a party of this kind may be easier than you think. Continue reading How to Make an Incredible Pajama Party for the Kids

Bikini in 5 Questions

What Could Be Worse Than Trying A Bikini In Winter?

Nothing Can Be Worse.

In fact, nothing can be worse than trying on a bikini, especially here in Porto Alegre, especially white made a peach bug, especially after the winter ravage, especially in those tiny dressers of stores with that damn light directed to the damn breech. Continue reading Bikini in 5 Questions

High Tech Clothing Brand

Tod’s Solar Charger-Tod’s for its electronic charger concept of mobile lifestyle to a new dimension. For the vanity that is in urgent need to charge their laptop technical equipment during the Alpine journey or on the beach on the French Riviera will give the Italian fashion House here a unique opportunity. Solar cells protected by alligator skins generates electricity to the USB end to give the iPod or mobile phone.

Continue reading High Tech Clothing Brand

Honest Swimwear for Real Women

The Canadian swimwear label”Nettle’s Tale”has the suitable swimming suit for women, whether narrow or wide, in other circumstances, crisp or wrinkled.  How this should work? By honesty! This is the guiding principle which”Nettle’s Tale” pursues. Continue reading Honest Swimwear for Real Women