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Ray Ban Original Sunglasses

Brand well known for making great sunglasses, Ray Ban that has been in business since 1937, offering the best products on the market in the segment of sunglasses, thousands of consumers around the world are looking for a great quality and durability in products intend to purchase, and that quality and durability can be found in Ray Ban products, check out our full story for more information about the prices of these products and where to buy. Continue reading Ray Ban Original Sunglasses

Male Sunglasses–Summer 2011

We developed that matter to talk a bit more about the trends for male sunglasses for the summer of 2011, it is worth remembering that trends can change constantly through new releases that bring news for consumers wishing to purchase a great product and always well dressed and with accessories that are fashionable, check out our full story for more information. Continue reading Male Sunglasses–Summer 2011

Plaid Skirt Week

Finally, we reached the fifth and final day of our week theme of the plaid skirt. Of 2 1: or you loved or already have a hard look at this checkered red.

I loved even. Every time I roll themed weeks I amazed at the amount of stuff we can do with what we already have in the closet. And this week was no different. I started thinking: God of the sky, how am I supposed to create five looks with this skirt so striking? Well. Here we are, four looks after and I here full of idea to the next (but can rest easy because I’m going to take a break from Vichy to you for a little while). Continue reading Plaid Skirt Week

Sunglasses Of Yesterday And Today

Famous men such as Elton John, Xavier Naidoo and Karl Lagerfeld have made an accessory to her trademark: the sunglasses. “Kaiser Karl” prefers the understated black version, you saw Xavier Naidoo for years with a narrow, rectangular model with yellow glasses and for Elton John, it might be known to be not fancy enough for decades. He wore it from XS to XL, round or square, in all colors of the Rainbow and repeatedly with a heavy dose of rhinestone accidentally.

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Versace Sunglasses Review

Versace offers us a collection of sunglasses spring summer 2012 spectacular, ranging from all iconic models and adds a truly unique novelty. The new summer line competes with many interesting collections this year, as the eccentric and unique Prada, the new proposals from other major brands such as Jimmy Choo and Fendi. Versace has since its a very characteristic way of dealing with the more classical forms, the aviator, the oversize, the stencil patterns, and finally to the new year, the beautiful Etoile De La Mer, sophisticated and absolutely fabulous. Let’s see what’s new summer collection.

The line aviator sunglasses Versace proposes more classical forms and consolidated with rounded lenses and single deck, with slim arms with logo, and most eccentric versions of the logo apply it directly on the lenses! The model is available in many colors, from evergreen to the more eccentric in line with seasonal trends.

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