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How to Clean a Coleman Sleeping Bag

In many outdoor and sporting circles, Coleman is a name synonymous with camping equipment and supplies. The company began to manufacture products at the beginning of 1900, and now manufactures tents, lanterns, beds, sleeping bags and other supplies. The regular use of the sleeping bag means that you will need to wash it to remove dirt, sweat and other contaminants and protect the bag of stains and odors. Continue reading How to Clean a Coleman Sleeping Bag

Everything You Need to Know about Fishing Threads

They would seem unimportant next to the reed or the reel. But the truth is that fishing lines or fishing lines, significantly influence the time of fishing.  Its variety is wide and its applications multiple. Today at PescaCosmar we dedicate a complete article. So that you take into account all its characteristics before you buy it, as well as the effective methods to give maintenance and wind it up on the reel. Continue reading Everything You Need to Know about Fishing Threads

Bikini in 5 Questions

What Could Be Worse Than Trying A Bikini In Winter?

Nothing Can Be Worse.

In fact, nothing can be worse than trying on a bikini, especially here in Porto Alegre, especially white made a peach bug, especially after the winter ravage, especially in those tiny dressers of stores with that damn light directed to the damn breech. Continue reading Bikini in 5 Questions

Honest Swimwear for Real Women

The Canadian swimwear label”Nettle’s Tale”has the suitable swimming suit for women, whether narrow or wide, in other circumstances, crisp or wrinkled.  How this should work? By honesty! This is the guiding principle which”Nettle’s Tale” pursues. Continue reading Honest Swimwear for Real Women

Learn to Choose the Ideal Bikini for Your Physical Type

Size, Color And Model Can Enhance The Seaside Look

On the eve of summer, bikinis and swimsuits take over the shop windows, inviting them to renovate the wardrobe to shine even more at the seashore. When choosing the pieces to enjoy the sun, you do not have to panic or want to hide under a canga: there are options for all tastes, pockets and especially bodies. Continue reading Learn to Choose the Ideal Bikini for Your Physical Type

Summer Fashion Crochet Bikini Models

Yes, whether the crochet bikini or any other piece of women’s clothing that is produced in this type of craft will be in fashion by 2015.

Those pieces that were used there in grandma’s time, are now back in full force, only now repaginated to give you woman conditions to make your fashion in high style and in a very modern and current way. Continue reading Summer Fashion Crochet Bikini Models

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag?

More than just a bed, the sleeping bag will protect you during a night out in nature. Feeling cold in the middle of the night or even dying of heat to the point of not letting you sleep does not mean that you did not buy a good sleeping bag but rather that you bought the wrong bag… For being a key item, Choice is imperative. Continue reading How to Choose a Sleeping Bag?

First Impression: Evernew Ultra-Light Titanium Cooker

For a long time I am looking for the perfect Ultralight cooking pot for my stove setup. This pot should be made of titanium for weight and health reasons. In addition, it should be deep but not too deep. So you can also spoon with the short spork. In contrast to my Caldera Keg, I did not want to be able to make a bag of food. In addition, the pot should already have Henkel. An additional forceps usually weighs more and is also times already laid. After extensive research on the Internet, my choice finally fell on the Evernew Titanium pot with 1.3l (ECA253) capacity.

Continue reading First Impression: Evernew Ultra-Light Titanium Cooker

Lindy USB HDMI Adapter

Macitynet tests two accessories Type-C Lindy’s, a Hub with 4 USB 3.0 ports and an adapter that allows to connect a HDMI monitor or projector.

Lindy is a German company, historical worldwide connectivity, networking cables, and components. In the past years its accessories were a safe purchase for the excellent relationship between quality,

Continue reading Lindy USB HDMI Adapter