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Eyeshadow Palettes “Eye Shadow Keeper” + New Colors

Since may there are a few news Rouge Bunny Rouge. Now, there’s a free be fill bare eyeshadow palettes “Eye Shadow Keeper” – duos and trios – and matching six new eye shadow colors that are as refills in the trade. After the available colours are to follow (three of them already!), so that it has the ability to bring his favorite colors in the palettes. Continue reading Eyeshadow Palettes “Eye Shadow Keeper” + New Colors

Color Makeup

In addition to the shadows, one tip is to bet on the eyeliners who won colorful versions

Women who love makeup are always in search of news and tips: products that come to the market, ideas of make for day or night, tricks that can help to disguise imperfections, etc.And, of course, they all want to go out in good makeup, without running the risk of making mistakes in the choice of colors or exaggerating in some detail of the look. Continue reading Color Makeup

Sante Naturkosmetik Nail Polish

Last year I told you about the LOGONA nail polish, which was not exactly representative for natural cosmetics. Now I would like to introduce you however a natural cosmetic nail polish, which not only looks beautiful, but keeps on the nails for a long time. It is about the SANTE Naturkosmetik nail polish in the color no. 22 poppy red. To all pleasure is the nail polish vegan. Continue reading Sante Naturkosmetik Nail Polish

Review: Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara

Since July, there is a new mascara from Shiseido to buy. The Full Lash Volume Mascara should be applied in any number of layers on top of each other until the desired volume is reached. And the whole thing without lump formation. I was able to try the mascara and was already very excited, because it is my first Shiseido mascara. Whether it is my current favorite mascara of Maybelline, which I have already bought after the water?

Continue reading Review: Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara