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How to Organize a Camping Trip

Do you want a holiday staying in direct contact with nature? The camping is a viable solution. For those who choose a camping holiday must have at least some requirements: to adapt skills, knowledge of the world of camping, tents and all necessary equipment.
When choosing the tent must consider the type of camping you want to practice, and the way you want to live this experience. Let us not forget, however, that the tent is not able to provide all the comforts to which you are accustomed to at home.

  • Teepee: inside a small tent is almost possible to stand, this is a point in its favor as it would facilitate the operation of change and relieves slight sense of oppression that can be felt in the lower blinds. For its particular sloping shape, during a sudden summer downpour easily let the water run down. The only problem is the tent model more difficult to mount and the least stable.
  • Tent: the tent igloo is very compact and more stable. Many have a support structure also able to support it on very hard ground, where it is virtually impossible to knock the staples. Recommended for those suffering from back pain: in it you can just stay lying down or crouching. Also important are the size and weight: for a walking holiday is better to choose a light, small tent, easy to dismantle and easy to carry around.

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LED Lamps for Outdoor Use

LED lamps for outdoor use

If there is an invention that has truly revolutionized the outdoor market in the field of lighting, then it is the LED lamp certainly. The development of light-emitting diodes has allows to build headlamps, flashlights and camping lanterns that significantly save energy. The saved energy means less battery required, thus less weight in the backpack and less discarded batteries. Thus, the LED lamp is also a distinct advantage when it comes to the environment. For natural athletes like mountain climbers, trekkers, climbers and hikers is an especially important point and also a constant concern of the outdoor industry.

What is an LED lamp?

, A LED lamp uses no conventional light bulbs, but (hence the name) LEDs as the light source. Classical light bulbs need a lot of power and are doing very inefficient, because a large part of the invested energy is converted into heat and is wasted as unused. Until a few years ago, headlamps were also in outdoor sports with various forms of light bulbs (halogen lamps) in use. The systems had a high demand for energy and were usually relatively bulky, especially with lighter models. This classic headlamps were heavy and very disturbing for almost all activities. The invention of the LED lamp permitted the building of compact, energy-efficient head lamps with high luminous efficiency. Especially in the area of the luminosity LEDs have improved greatly since the end of the 1990s. The word LED is “light-emitting diode” too german “light emitting diode”, or simply short led an abbreviation for English, according to

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Blankets and Sleeping Bags

Full of sleeping comfort with the ceilings sleeping bag

Is a blanket? Is it a sleeping bag? Both! A ceiling sleeping bag is an airy lightweight sleeping bags, which is closed by a zipper. Completely open the ceilings sleeping bag can be used easily as a blanket. Ceiling sleeping bag are super spacious and offer powerful sleeping comfort. Almost like in the home bed. Whether camping, trekking, traveling, at the Festival or the CouchSurfing, the night will remain always nice cozy!

Comfortable, warm, and versatile

A ceiling sleeping bag is a simple light weight that is very versatile. He has plenty of space, has a small pack size, is super comfortable and designed to warm and moderate temperatures. Some models are with each other can be coupled through the zipper. We have a spacious double sleeping bag or a couple sleeping bag “handy”trainings camp. Through its thin consistency, the ceilings sleeping bag can be used super “indoor”. Ideal for the night at friends, the Pimasleepingbags or as a hut sleeping bag.

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