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Reelight RL770 Review

Fire bike before and continuous rear rack without battery RL770

This pair of lights is part of the new range of products from Reelight. The new power supply of these lights is very powerful and is powered by induction. Coupled with the new generation of optics of Reelight lights, this power supply and 1 WATT LED allow obtaining very good quality of 4 LUX lighting and a powerful beam. These lights are used to allow the rider to see the road on which it moves to allow the other user to the road to see the cyclist.

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San Rafael Mountain Bike

We found the abandoned railway bridge over 18 years between San Rafael and Malargue. Not to be missed. proposal 15 km long in an unknown area of Mendoza. Image gallery.

But, sir…! It has Los Reyunos, dunes of Nihuil, the Canyon of Atuel and thousand more places, and you want to go by bike to a tunnel full of bats? “.” The employee of the tourist office in San Rafael, Mendoza, did not understand the reason for my destination, but your comment was the mecha quenecesitaba to turn me on. Continue reading San Rafael Mountain Bike

Mandatory Equipment Bicycle

What is mandatory gear wheels?

Although we use the term “mandatory equipment”, but this obligation is to ensure safe driving and cyclist visibility on the road.

The bicycle must be equipped with:

  1. two independent brakes odstupňovatelným effective control braking effect; Bicycles for preschoolers equipped with freewheel hub with coaster brake may not be equipped with a front brake,
  2. loose ends of the handlebar tube must be reliably sealed (plugs, handles, etc.)
  3. ending the brake control levers and the free ends of the handlebar must edges either enveloped energy-dissipating material, or (when used in solid materials) have edges with a radius of curvature less than 3.2 mm; derailleur lever, thumb screws, clamps the wheel hubs, brackets and the mudguard edges must be either encased energy-dissipating material, or (if used solid materials) have edges with a radius of at least 3.2 mm in one plane and the second plane perpendicular to it at least 2 mm,
  4. nut wheel hubs if they are not winged, quick release or in combination with end cap charge must be closed,
  5. rear red reflector, this reflector can be combined with a red rear lamp or replaced with reflective materials with similar characteristics; reflecting surface must not be less than 2000 mm 2, wherein the inscribed quadrilateral shall have one side at least 40 mm long, the device must be fixed to the median longitudinal plane of the bicycle or the left side as close to it at a height of 250-900 mm above the ground plane; illuminating surface must be perpendicular to the plane of the road within ± 15 °, and perpendicular to the longitudinal center plane of the bicycle with a tolerance of ± 5 °; reflective materials replacing rear reflector can be placed on their clothing or shoes cyclists
  6. front white reflector, the reflector can be replaced with reflective materials with similar characteristics; reflector must be located in the median longitudinal plane of the surface of the tire of the front wheel stationary bicycles; reflecting surface must not be less than 2000 mm 2, wherein the inscribed quadrilateral shall have one side at least 40 mm long, the illuminating surface must be perpendicular to the plane of the road with a tolerance of ± 15 ° and perpendicular to the median longitudinal plane of the bicycle, with a tolerance of ± 5; reflective materials to replace the reflector can be placed on their clothing or shoes cyclists
  7. reflective orange (autožluť) on both sides šlapátek (pedal), these reflectors can be replaced with light-reflecting material placed on their shoes or in their vicinity,
  8. rays on the front or rear wheels or two wheels at least one side retro reflector orange (autožluť) on each side of the wheel; reflecting surface must not be less than 2000 mm 2, wherein the inscribed quadrilateral shall have one side at least 20 mm long, such retro-reflectors may be replaced with reflective material on the sides of the wheel or on the sides of the tire casing or on the mudguard or side parts of the garment cyclists.

Bicycles for driving in reduced visibility must be equipped with the following lighting and light-signaling devices:

  1. searchlight shining white light forward; lamp shall be adjusted and modified permanently so that the reference axis flux intersects the plane of the road at a distance farthest 20 m from the lamp, and that this adjustment could spontaneously or unintentional interference with the driver change when the roadway is sufficiently and continuously illuminated headlamp may be replaced white lamp with flashing light,
  2. rear lamp red color, conditions for placing this lamp are identical to those for positioning and fixing of rear reflectors under paragraph. 1 point. E);rear red lamp can be combined with the rear reflector red under paragraph 1. E); rear red lamp can be replaced by a lamp with a red flashing light,
  3. a source of electricity in case of a supply source of energy, has the capacity, ensure the intensity of the lights under a) and b) for at least 1.5 hours without interruption.

Cheap Cycling Clothing Sets

Our customer Pali after winter cycling test set, decided to use the opportunity of our cycling blog and share their impressions.

Surely you know it: ,, summer ends, even the Indian “and some of you faces serious decision: keep or neuschovat your bike in the garage ?!” Most cyclists it takes “sporty” and voluntarily go in winter to cross-country mode, the to keep fit as you wish. But there is also such (my case) who would like to osedlávali your bike as long as possible, and are looking for appropriate clothing.

I have a similar dilemma this season and I dealt with, so I decided to contact the official site. Recommended to me was winter cycling set SKY, which its material equipment and functional elements had to cope with lower temperatures (8-10˚C) and winter gloves brand Castelli.

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Advantages of 360 Sports Bicycles

Its advantages are all hardware

To discover the merits of 360 Sports Bike you have to look at the hardware and construction.Its silicone strap is a real catch dust (apparently the effect wears off after a few weeks) but its quality is remarkable — because soft, enveloping, just elastic, drilled to make the skin to breathe. You cannot remove, Yes, but it makes all the difference because it improves the capacity at wrist. I recommend the Orange model.

The GPS is accurate is fast. In road tests with a Polar M400 + heart rate monitor H7, a difference of about 400 meters I on about 19 km. If I compare the track (Bike Body uses Google Maps) I see bikes 360 Sports Show me daylight pavement or lane with less approximation. I get the green light to start the race, snapping to satellites, in less than 30 seconds. It’s all as it should be.

Ditto for the heart rate monitor PPG. The test usually I record a lower rate by 10 Bpm than the heart-and it is a value that all in all there is. Above all don’t see that time initial aftershock registered on TomTom Spark and Fitbit Surge. 360 Sports bike locks for correct detection and port forward without sudden changes.

Note: the more careful they’ll matter to collapse the graph Bpm on determining Polar M400. My heart has stopped beating. Just the belt has come off from the chest because little grasp. The running and putting and slipped. That’s why it makes sense to keep looking for a credible alternative.

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