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The Right Tool for the Indicated Work: Reclaiming Urban Cycling

There are lots of types of bikes on the market, mountain, road, Triathlon, track, new 29r, bmx… Each of them is intended to serve a specific purpose. The BMX are intended to do tricks and therefore resist a good amount of hits in its useful life. Route are designed to get the best out of your physical performance in long journeys and, as in most bicycles designed for sporting purposes, the weight is a relevant issue, because those who make a living competing, 3 milliseconds can mean the difference between first and second place. Every gram less on bike counts and also costs, making these machines very expensive objects. Continue reading The Right Tool for the Indicated Work: Reclaiming Urban Cycling

Interest in Cycling

Bike culture: Artist Petter is since many years a well known name in the cottages across the country. He have a passion for music in General and rapen in particular has not passed any by. But how was born the cycle interest?

I want to tell you about my first real bike, and how I came to start love cycling. If you were born in the 70 ‘s that I can relate to how difficult it was, with influences from the United States.

We had the channel 1 and channel 2 and the most similar advertising was the bulletin board where you became informed about the importance of not drinking on the lake or how important it was, with a working smoke alarm at home. Popular culture was felt mostly at the movies where you could see exotic commercials like Bounty or Juicy Fruit in addition to the movie itself. Continue reading Interest in Cycling

Safety of Night Cycling

The summer months are the most propitious for night routes. A Mountain Bike different, full of adrenaline, which allows to establish greater contact with nature, where the technique and anticipation of the biker are fundamental. The absence of light involves multiplying security and so we present guidelines necessary to efficiently shoot in the dark. Continue reading Safety of Night Cycling

Electric Cycle And Trend Cycle Chic

The Cycle Chic concept has gained strength in Brazilian urban centers. And a welcome innovation in the bicycle industry in this scenario is the electric bicycle, both for its practicality and for the promotion of bicycle culture in the country. It is interesting to note that the union of the electric bicycle with the Cycle Chic trend can be an incentive for the female audience to use the bicycle more and more in their daily movements.

Continue reading Electric Cycle And Trend Cycle Chic

Tips For Riding In The Cold

Cycling in the cold is pretty cool and can generate epic and memorable moments, as long as we’re well equipped! For a comfortable ride a bike without the need of special care, consider the room temperature above 20 degrees. Below it, and in some specific conditions, as we check over this post, our “pedal” needs some care ranging from a simple vest type “Windbreak” to more specific clothing and “heavy”.

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