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Apple: Again Record Profit For The Last Time?

Apple is heading for 2007 on the first drop of in iphone sales since its launch. Sales will decline in the current quarter in the previous year, said CEO Tim Cook. In the last holiday shopping season, Apple managed just a narrow increase of 0.4 percent to 76.8 million units. That was enough however to achieve almost a new record profit of 18.4 billion dollars (17 billion euros). The group is now sitting on a cash pile of 216 billion dollars.
Iphone 7: prices, rumors, release

Weak economy, strong dollar

Apple pointed to weak economic growth in several major markets and massive headwinds due to the strong dollar, the foreign revenue in the conversion into the U.S. currency for the balance sheet lower look like. Cook spoke of extreme conditions, as we have never seen. Quarterly sales grew in the completed end of December quarter by 1.7 percent to $75,87 billion, as the company announced after the US market close on January 26, 2016. Excluding the negative currency effects, there had been a sales growth of eight percent, Cook said. Continue reading Apple: Again Record Profit For The Last Time?

It Dominates your 5S iPhone with These Tricks

For many, the iPhone 5S has been the smartphone of the year. The truth is that it is no coincidence that the criticism has put of agreement: it is a great phone and comes with a lot of new features, as well as the colors of course.

Whenever a new phone comes out, it is convenient to explain all the tricks of iPhone 5S. They are complex objects and capitalize them takes time and practice, but we want it you put easy with a series of tricks for squeezing your new brand new iPhone.

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The 17 Best Accessories to Get the Most Out of iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones and iconic in recent years. He is alone able to compete with all the Android market, and each of their evolution is followed by the sale of million units.

But what would the iPhone without its accessories? Cases, headphones, connection cables, memory sticks, tables DJ, bracelets, special sensors … Let’s meet 17 accessories that bring a unique added value to Apple ‘s iPhone.

What accessories provide an iPhone?

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Is There an Apple Event Today

First it started with iMore and iLounge, who claimed to know an Apple event on September 12. Now even larger media such as the Wall Street Journal blog and Reuters claim to know. There is talk of the new iPhone5. Also, that comes with a long-awaited iPad mini. Furthermore there is speculation on an iPod.

The appointment is of course just a rumor, if being realistic, just because it fits so well into the self-fulfilling prophecy. But what is to come, that is clear. So a statistic which is interpreted just published annual report of Apple.

There are concerns about how many advances Apple has made and will make and how much of this has the entire sales. According to Apple’s own predictions, these namely raised, about 8.5% to 13%.