Canon PowerShot D10

Rugged outdoor the trend to be 2009 seem cameras. With the PowerShot D10 now Canon offers its first waterproof digital compact camera.

Canon PowerShot D10

As Olympus and Panasonic also the D10 Canon has special characteristics for hard outdoor use:

  • Waterproof up to 10 m (in accordance with protection rating IPX8)
  • : Dust (in accordance with protection rating IPX6)
  • Ersch├╝tterungsresistent up 1.22 m
  • Frost proof up to-10 ┬░ C

The 2.5-inch PureColor LCD II screen is protected by a two millimeter thick coating and is very bright, according to A2ZCameraBlog. The Canon motion detection technology that distinguishes the camera and subject movement, ensures clear, crisp sharp images by selecting the appropriate settings.

What Canon however design was thinking the housing, I do not rightly understand. The camera looks like a child’s toy. It seems that when I look at the high resolution product images of the D10 as the housing for the most part made of plastic, which makes a rather cheap impression on me. Well, here the motto to be have been like “form follows function”, which is also entitled and good appearance. However, Olympus and Panasonic have done considerably better work.
Optionally, there is even a set of colored front covers, which reinforces my impression of a toy.

The Canon PowerShot D10 is available from April for 369 euro (RRP).