Cabasse Bora in the Test

High efficiency and low bass from a compact speaker? To bring these competing goals in line, not necessarily exotic needed technologies, but a lot of know-how in the construction of the chassis.

The French specialist of Cabasse have no doubt: in particular their technology applied to the coax chassis, light but hard foams, is fur high-efficiency speakers.

Transferred to the three-way box Bora, this means: the housing do something greater than u? blanched, also combine the coax with a 21-bass – optimized lightweight and finished the tubes suitable for box with impressive 87 decibels of sound pressure level (from 2 volts) and relative is gutmu? tiger impedance not below 4 ohm. The midrange ring radiator measuring 13 centimetres appears only at very high 800 Hz and can be thus unencumbered by large Hu? ben of his work address. Together with tweeter dome and Schallfu? currency, which are installed on the same acoustic axis, an unusually homogeneous dispersion with already significant directional effect arises.

In the range of 40 to 50 Hz, you help instead of a reflex tube a wide slot design that plays with not in full level and therefore also with the impedance difficulties hardly a medium stable amplifier? sharpened.

Cabasse Bora: hearing test

In the listening test was at least to notice anything – even to the feeble Cayin unfolded the Cabasse for Kings of Leon’s “Because Of The Times” a dynamic Fireworks. Smoothly met bass and drums on the point, punchy tinged guitars, crisp rhythm drove forward.

On the more powerful octave it became dynamic again, sounded live sticky notes, but stayed with the dynamic-earthy character. Smetana’s “Moldau” (Susskind, MFSL) impressed with the spaciousness and delicate melting strings, stayed but independent from the amplifier historically homogeneous character one something faithfully and sounded less detail than u? ber a B & W 805 diamond. But that made the Bora with enthusiasm and Klangfu? lle again betting. If a compact with State boxing qualities searches, is here more than glu? recalling.