C & A Launches Collection of Tops and T-Shirts

C & A is launching the collection of tops and t-shirts, essential pieces for the women’s wardrobe.

The collection includes eight models of blouses made of cotton, ribi, flam and viscolycra. The latter is a very light and comfortable fabric suitable for hot summer days such as we have been experiencing in recent weeks.

The models and colors of the shirt are very simple and match with skirt, shorts, shorts and pants.

The pieces are already being sold in the stores of the network and you will find tops and t-shirts in the colors yellow, red, navy blue, green, white and black.

Best of all, the products in this collection cost little, between $ 15.90 and $ 29.90, and you find it in all 261 stores in the country.

Has For Men – C & A Collection Of T-Shirts

In addition to the women’s pieces, the C & A basic collection also includes men’s t-shirts.

They can complete the wardrobe with cotton, ribi and flamen pieces by choosing the colors red, wine, light blue and navy, yellow, white, black or gray.

The models are very modern and offer options for all tastes having pieces with V-neck, polo, bald collar and sleeveless blouses.