Briquid, Water Fun Puzzles Pixelated

From time to time we have not very known, little-promoted but very entertaining games that we must dig to know of them and enjoy a breath of fresh air in the entertainment scene. The game Briquid It is a sample of this and gives us a few puzzles very entertained with water, but with a Turkish twist.

The aim of all the puzzles is the same: bring water to a given area, how much more water better. But it won’t be so easy, because to move the water, we will have to take advantage of gravity while we put and remove blocks to lead the water into place, using our ingenuity and logic to achieve complete levels, always with a limited number of movements.

But not everything is put blocks, as we advance in the game we unlock new options, such as changing the orientation of gravity, which makes the game to acquire a level of difficulty and very nice fun. The game is available both in free version with advertisements as payment, getting us to unlock 100 levels of play and elmina ads. If you search for a puzzle game, Briquid is a very interesting option.

Briquid Version 1.0.6

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Gamious