Brightly Colored and White Sneakers to Autumn

We asked the contrasts against each other, colorful neon against the clean white, when we were looking for this fall’s hottest sneakers. While we strongly argue that the most interesting thing in this area have not yet reached the country’s shops and that there is more to wait. Which sneaker type are you? We wonder.

A fastidious and proper costume can, in the right guy or man, get a boost by a pair of sneakers in the apply colors. This love signed Adidas ZX series a bit particular. Primarily model ZX 600 in pastel and more neonbetonade ZX 800. It is certainly not very tasteful and certainly too much for many of you, but it does not cost the shirt and that models have been a splash on Stockholm’s streets for months. Otherwise Nike is always a safe bet. Well, almost always in all cases.

The all popular sneaker is constantly the clean white. At ad agency guy with the gray Acnekostymen as surely as on the streetpojken with the colorful scarf wrapped around his neck. If these generalizations, it is allowed, that is. But instead of Adidas Stan Smith, let’s tell about the venerable Tretorn and at the same time through the link lead you into the gold mine, the best outlet for clothes. Most of you have probably already seen it and you do not have it can rejoice at the opportunity to search, for example, individual designers white sneakers.Do you have any more fun than Converse All Star, check out italienskproducerade, classy SBU: s White model on the Nitty Grittys webshop.

Later in the fall we are waiting with bated breath for black and white glow in the dark models from Umbro by Kim Jones and a new high-quality sneakerkollektion from Marc Jacobs. What model craves you readers for the most in the fall?

Last but not least, we have said it before but will say it again: Real sneakerälskare owns this!