Bridal Shoes: Help For Aching Feet

My dear Mr singing club! What not always on the ball of the foot burn me, if I had even longer time-high heel shoes… 

Especially front on the ball of the foot-the hell it was! Not to think how this could be only the bride shoes on my wedding day! But then I heard about an even wonderful inventions, which should reduce sorry for everything. And so I took my courage together, entered the orthopedic shoe of my confidence and asked, while I dug my brought ten centimeter high heels out of the backpack and opposed waved in the face of Birkenstock sandals and support stockings orthopedic technicians: “you’ve got the pads?”

Shoe pads, so I knew since the hot tip of a friend, are small deposits, the of in different sizes, heights and shapes in the-as says is so beautiful-there “good sized dealer”, so at the Schuster, Sanitätsfachgeschäften, some shoe stores, and of course Internet shops. In principle, they are nothing more than orthopaedic helpers. And because our feet just not made for hours to restore hatschen in high-heeled Bridal Shoes, facilitating the Gestakse those of us considerably, which otherwise bear no deposits.

It sticks (or can be better glue by a master, so the position is actually correct) the pads simply into the shoes. They exist for almost all problems: burning heels, burning bales, aching total feet… You relieve for example the metatarsal heads and thus the bales. Initially, it is perhaps a bit unusual, but after a few steps, I guarantee you: you want to never make long marches in Stilettos without pad!