Bridal Dresses For Short Hair

A lot of future brides with short hair find it hard to find the appropriate bride ceremony – there are usually more possibilities than thought. We have put together a few suggestions for you.

Be inspired!

There are of course plenty of room for the term “short hair” – from really short hair to chin-shaped hair.The longer the hair is, the easier it is to find the right bridal hairdresser.

In any case, you should “dress up” under duress for your wedding and the bridesmaid should still fit with your short hair to your personal style.After all, you must also feel comfortable on your wedding day.

This can be bridal dresses with short hair cheeky, elegant, modern, romantic or stylish – depending on what suits you best.

At the wedding, the hairstyle has to be perfect – so you should get involved with a professional and make sure you have a pro-examiner before you can discuss the wedding ceremony and try it out.

Highlight for the bridal hairstyle: Haarschmuck & Brautschleier

For very short hair, the bridesmaid should be natural and simple – for that you can use for example a diadem or a special hairline as a beautiful eyecatcher. There is a lot of choice, so there is something for every taste.

If you use a braided veil for your bridal dress, which is placed high up, you do not see so quickly that your hair is short ( as in this example ) with the opinion of WEDDINGJUST.

For more information, read our article “Veil – short or long?”.

If you have longer hair, you can at least put some of the hair up, if you wish.

It is also possible to attach very beautiful pearls in the hair or (fabric) flowers, which give your bridesmaid the certain something ( here an example).

Great ideas for your bridal breasts with short hair can also be found in our popular picture gallery for bridal dresses .

Hair extensions especially for bridesmaid

Of course, you can also make hair extensions into the hair of your hairdresser so that they are longer.

Your coat should be thick and min.8 cm long so you can not see the transitions from the extensions to your Echthaar.However, this variant is very expensive.

Clip extensions are cheaper because they are not permanent in your hair and do not have to be worked in by the hairdresser.These can be easily put into your hair with some exercise.

If you have a strong change from short to long hair, you should be aware of the fact that you may be looking at your hair extension and it should look very good.

It is best to have a professional consultant for your wedding ceremony.